Finding Windows, Office And Other Software License Key – Guide

If you are planning to reinstall your windows or may be some software what you’ve purchased in the past, then the first thing you’ll need to do is to retrieve your product key from your current windows.

A product key is license file or a Serial No. of your purchased product what you’ll need to enter to make your software registered.

A key is the only thing what you’ve paid for and you’ll have to find your key or serial no. if you are planning to reinstall your OS/Software or otherwise you will lose all your invested money on that software.

There are lots of software out there like magic jellybean etc. which can find and show you your windows and office product key, but not for all software’s key.

What about if you having another original product installed in your computer. You don’t want to lose it and that’s why I make this tutorial to show you, how you can easily find your software license key or a serial no. in your running computer.

Belarc Advisor is a software what we use to show you how to find key because its free and easy to use and the best part is you can even save your all computers detain and license details in an HTML file to check it later.

It’s a low size software about ~4mb and with this, you’ll don’t need to note your windows or another software key on a notebook, you’ll just have to do some simple clicks and this software will make a file of your computer’s details containing all of your license serial key in it.

To use this software you’ll just need to download this Belarc Advisor from the given link below and after that install it on your computer.

DOWNLOAD Belarc Advisor >>

After installing Belarc Advisor on your computer just opens it and by doing some simple clicks, Belarc Advisor will scan your computer and show you the detailed information of your computer.

And now you can save it as just like a normal web page and that’s it. 🙂



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