Modem Setup From Computer To Telephone/ISP Line (Modem Configuration)

Did you buy or hire a new broadband service and you want to configure your modem without paying any massive installation fees?

Or you’re going to buy a new ADLS + Router Modem for your connecting and you wanna to save your money and don’t wanna waste on modem re-installation fee?

Then, don’t worry about it because In this tutorial I’m gonna show you how you can easily setup your modem connection and configure it to continues use of your service by saving money and time.

So Let’s See

Here’s I give you an image below to understand how thing gonna work out in the end.

So, the first thing is to do is collecting materials in order to setup your modem connection. Here’s a list below what you’ve needed-

  1. Phone Line Splitter
  2. Phone Line Filter (Optional)
  3. Two RJ-45 Cable
  4. One RJ 45 Cable
  5. Modem (ADSL or ADSL+ Router, Whatever you wanted to use)

After collecting all these material, let’s move on to the setup process.

Step 1 – Joint a phone line splitter to your internet service provider main line to split or divide the main line into two. We do this because we are going to use internet and phone at the same time if you don’t wanna to use a telephone then you can skip this step and move on to next.

Step 2 – Joint the one end of the Rj-11 cable to the splitter/main line and the other to the modem after that joint the other one end of your Rj-11 cable to the splitter or main line and the other to your telephone.

Step 3 – Connect one end of the RJ-45 cable to the modem and the other into your computer. This will allow your computer to make a data transfer to your ISP and access you to the internet connection.

If you have a Wi-Fi router then you’ll have to connect the router to the modem and computer to the router by the use of RJ-45 Cable shown as below.

Step 4 – Modem Configuration – Now the modem connection setup is done but you aren’t able to access the internet until you’ve configured your modern. In order to configure your modem, you’ll need to find the gateway IP of your modem to open the configuration page.

It’s hard to define how to configure a modem in one single tutorial because the configuration is different in all network connections. So, asks your ISP, what type of network do they provide you its PPPoE or it’s a Static IP connection. If it’s PPPoE then ask for your connection “Username and Password” and if it’s Static IP connection then asks for the IP address configuration in order to configure your modem.

Here’s a link to show you how to configure your modem.

Mode: PPPoE

How To Configure Airtel Broadband Modem?

How To Configure Bsnl Broadband Modem?

Mode: Static IP

How To Configure Static IP Configuration In Modem?

Maybe this link won’t help you but it will defiantly give you an idea about how to do this process, I’ll suggest you search on Google to find the configuration setting for your network like how to configure airtel broadband modem or how to configure bsnl modem etc.

You can also try to call your ISP to provide you some help to configure your modem setting on the phone.

When you’ve done with the ADSL DNS Setting then you’ll need to move on to wireless WiFi router setting to add a password in your wifi connection.

2 Types Of Wi-Fi Router Available In The Market –

  1. Adsl+ Router (Modem and Wireless Router In Once)
  2. Router (Only Wi-Fi Router)

If you having an ADSL+ Router then configure your Wi-Fi setting in the wireless tab of your routers configuration page or if you having a simple Wi-Fi router then you’ll need to connect it to the modem first and then configure it manually.

Here’s a link to show you how to configure a Wi-Fi router>>> How To Change Wi-Fi Password?

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