Top 400 Watt Computer’s Power Supply Unit

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The power supply is the most important component of the computer. Why is it so important? It is important because simply it is the one in charge of giving energy to all the components.

A bad power supply can burn or not withstand a peak voltage that will break one or several components of the computer.

As a beginner, you can quickly get confused by the many technical terms and numbers in the datasheet of a power supply.

You do not know what is important and what is rather negligible. But in the vast majority of cases, it is actually quite easy to find the optimal PC power supply. It is crucial before choosing a power supply that takes into consideration some factors, such as the power that it supplies.

Also, it is very necessary to take into the account is the accessories and the formation of your system that you are using.

Hence it is recommended that at the time of purchase, a source of reliable and recognized brand is chosen.

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So, Let’s See How Many Best 400 W PSUs Are Available In The Market;

Top 5th PSU – EVGA 100-N1-0400-L1

  • Input Voltage: 100 – 240 Volt AC
  • Maximum Power Output: 400W
  • Fan Size: 1 x 120mm Sleeve Bearing Fan
  • Energy Efficient: Non-80 PLUS
  • MTBF: >100,000 Hours
  • Dimension: 3.35″ x 5.91″ x 5.52″
  • Type: Non-Modular
  • Connectors: 1 x 24 Pin ATX, 1 x 8pin (4+4) EPS (CPU), 1 x 8pin (6+2), 1x 6pin PCIE, 4 x SATA, 3 x Four-Pin Peripheral
    1 x Floppy

Short ReviewWhen purchasing a part of a PC, there are some brands that are more listened to than others, due to their legacy. One of them is EVGA, a brand that has left a very strong legacy in the most expert and knowledgeable high-performance components.

If you are in search of a PSU with the low budget, EVGA 100-N1-0400-L1 will be your perfect choice. It provides maximum power: 400 W. Its AC input voltage is between 100 to 240. AC input frequency is 50 to 60. It is equipped with 1 No. of the fan. Total diameter of the fan is 120 mm.

That generates 24-pin ATX power supply for the motherboard. It supports 30A on a single +12V rail that provides more option without reducing the requirements of your components. It is available in elegant black color.

EVGA100-N1-0400-L1 is designed with a stylish and compact size. It has intelligent and quiet auto fan that makes almost no noise. It is equipped with Heavy duty protection including overvoltage protection (OVP). Also, it is designed with Short Circuit Protection (SCP), and Over Power Protection (OPP) that ensures an extra layer of security so you can run it without any fear.

The manufacturer claims that the power source has no 80 plus certification, but the most basic, the user that at all times of use the efficiency of the power source, must not fall below 70%. EVGA100-N1-0400-L1 comes with standard 2 years of warranty.

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Top 4th PSU – CORSAIR VS400 CP-9020117-NA

  • Input Voltage: 100 – 240 Volt AC
  • Maximum Power Output: 400W
  • Fan Size: 1 x 120mm Thermally Controlled Sleeve Bearing Fan
  • Energy Efficient: 80 PLUS
  • MTBF: >100,000 Hours
  • Dimension: 3.39″ x 5.91″ x 5.51″
  • Type: Non-Modular
  • Connectors: 1 x ATX Connector, 1 x EPS Connector, 1 x Four Pin Peripheral Connector, 1 x PCIe Connector, 5 x SATA Connector

Short ReviewThe CORSAIR VS400 series is a well-known power supply unit. It maintains highly stable voltage levels. They maintain a really low sound level in charge. And is a good choice for those who want very silent equipment.

This compact PSU delivers a maximum 400 watts of power output for your system. It has +12V power output design that ensures maximum system stability.

The CORSAIR VS400 includes a Silent Thermally Controlled Sleeve Bearing Fan with 120mm of size. It can be useful in mini-PC and other systems with little indoor air movement. By improving the air flow, CORSAIR aims that the fans will operate at lower revs and therefore generates less noise.

VS400 Includes all types of protection against short circuits and other anomalies in the power supply. This PSU is silent yet powerful in a performance that running at its peak performance and also ensure not disturbing others.

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Top 3rd PSU – PC Power & Cooling Silencer Series PPCMK3S400

  • Input Voltage: 100 – 240 Volt AC
  • Maximum Power Output: 400W
  • Fan Size: 120mm Variable RPM Fan
  • Energy Efficient: 80 PLUS Bronze Certified
  • MTBF: >100,000 Hours
  • Dimension: 3.38″ x 7.48″ x 5.90″ (H x W x D)
  • Type: Semi-Modular
  • Connectors: 1 x 20+4-pin ATX1 x 4+4-pin ESP / 12V CPU1 x 6+2-pin PCI-E3 x 4-pin Peripheral6 x 5-pin SATA1 x FDD

Short ReviewPC Power & Cooling Silencer Series PPCMK3S400 is the ultimate power management solution for modern power users. This cooling silencer and power series has eliminated unwanted wires which ensures a streamlined computer case. Core architecture and designer of this PSU Mk lll has once again proved the superior management solution of the power. First time ever, customers of cooling and PC Power will enjoy the benefits and the convenience of modern cable configuration.

PC Power & Cooling Silencer Series PPCMK3S400 combines a robust single +12V premium and rail components. It is designed with 100 percent Japanese capacitors with 105°C. That makes sure to provide a continuous output with a challenging 50° C ambient temperature. This series also provides durable protection circuitries.

Its main features include a 120mm flexible RPM fan that gives quiet and smooth operation. It has been fine regulated electrical ripple and noise. Bronze level is 80+ and efficiency up to 85 percent at standard loads.

Modular designing of the cable improves internal outflow. In this model, unnecessary cables have been removed and provided only the cables which you really need. The fan of PPCMK3S400 is designed with 120 mm ball bearing cooling fan that delivers super airflow with the lowest noise level. It has 120 mm variable RPM Fan.

PC Power & Cooling Silencer Series PPCMK3S400 is designed with heavy-duty protection circuitry. It protects from over power, short circuit, overvoltage. These unique features ensure to protect valuable components from the damages.

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Top 2nd PSU – FSP AURUM GOLD 400

  • Input Voltage: 100 – 240 Volt AC
  • Maximum Power Output: 400W
  • Fan Size: 120mm PWM Controlled FDB Fan
  • Energy Efficient: 80 PLUS Gold Certified
  • MTBF: >100,000 Hours
  • Dimension: 3.4 x 5.8 x 5.5
  • Type: Semi-Modular
  • Connectors: 1 x Main connector (20+4Pin), 1 x 4+4 Pin EPS 12V CPU, 3 x Peripheral, 4 x SATA, 1 x Floppy, 1 x PCI-E

Short ReviewFSP has been concentrating more on contract manufacturing for buyers than on its own developments for some time. With the Aurum, however, the manufacturer now offers a power supply series, which is sold under its own label and therefore comes with some in-house new developments. Until now, the Aurum is offered in four different variants. Between 400 watts and 700 watts, FSP covers the most popular power classes with its budget power supply: 400 watts, 500 watts, 600 watts and 700 watts.

AURUM is an 80+ GOLD certified power supply with more than 90% efficiency, thus continuing the line of high-quality power supplies from FSP, which has more 80PLUS certificates than other manufacturers. The highest peak of efficiency and excellent passive cooling ensure a low temperature of the power supply – even at maximum power.

FSP Aurum Gold 400 represents the true combination of finest quality and performance, for those who want to combine the latest technology with almost no noise. The truly silent with 120 mm PWM controlled FDB Fan that supply is the complete solution for your Core i3, i5, and i7.

URUM Series – a brand new range of FSP power supplies that meet the 80PLUS Gold Standard with 90% efficiency. With the perfect combination of the highest quality and efficiency, AURUM series is the ideal choice for those who rely on cutting-edge technology combined with environmental friendliness. It has an elegant design and a unique.

Modern technology used in the FSP AURUM Gold 400 series ensures the best performance and the greatest possible protection for your system. With this latest technology, the power supplies could be built more compact and at the same time highly efficient and extremely safe. In addition, it provides exceptional airflow and excellent cooling performance.

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Top 1st PSU – SeaSonic PLATINUM 400 (SS-400FL2 Active PFC F3)

  • Input Voltage: 100 – 240 Volt AC
  • Maximum Power Output: 400W
  • Fan Size: Fanless
  • Energy Efficient: 80 PLUS PLATINUM Certified
  • MTBF: >100,000 Hours
  • Dimension: 5.9″ x 6.3″ x 3.4″
  • Type: Full-Modular
  • Connectors: 1 x Main connector (20+4Pin), 1 x 12V(4+4pin), 5 x Peripheral, 5 x SATA, 2 x Floppy, 1 x PCI-E

Short ReviewThe Seasonic Platinum Fanless 400W is a good product in many ways. The expertise of Seasonic is demonstrated through the choice of electronic components from premium Japanese brands and the impeccability of the workmanship in the manufacture of the product. All of the above contributes to forming a high-performance unit with 80PLUS Platinum certification and an excellent voltage regulation that does not vary more than 1.5%.

However, the great attraction of this power source is the absence of a fan since the entire cooling system is based on passive dissipation. This feature converts the Seasonic Platinum Fanless 400W into an ideal source for the assembler looking to build a system oriented to absolute silence. The modular design allows only the cables to be used to be connected without causing tangles in the cabinet.

Seasonic likes to use a color scheme that refers to the efficiency certification of the Seasonic Platinum Fanless 400W. The 80 PLUS Platinum certification logo can be seen in the upper right corner and another silvery Seasonic logo is in the opposite corner. There is also an image of the unit in the center of the package with the capacity of the unit highlighted in the lower right corner.

The Seasonic Platinum Fanless 400W is a source of modular power which means that all its cables come loose. The cables are stored in an elegant case that shows the Seasonic Fanless logo on the front.SeaSonic Platinum Series SS-400FL2 Active PFC F3 400W Power Supply

This particular model is capable of supplying up to 33A in the 12V rail. The Seasonic Platinum Fanless 400W uses an updated KM3 platform allowing it to achieve the 80PLUS Platinum certification. The unit must passive dissipation mainly to the perfect placement of several passive heat dissipaters of different sizes to cool the different electronic components of the PCB.

These are the Top 5 400W PSU and we have given our best to provide you the complete information about these products. So it could be easy to choose one among the best.

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And that’s our top 5 list of the best 400 Watt PSU you can get for your system. Stay tuned for more! – So, what will you pick, if you wanted one for yourself? Let me know in the comments below:

Happy Shopping!!!


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