Err_Too_Many_Redirects – Explained With Solutions

Error 310 (net:: ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS) is a Google chrome browser’s redirects loop error code or you can say an error message and it mainly shows that the website what you are trying to open is sending you or you can say redirect you to some other web page and that web page also do the same thing and creating this redirect loops.

At the past, when some browsers having this problem, it was just continuously loading the page again and again and makes the browsers not responding, but the things are changed now and browsers get smarter and smarter and now when every time a browser finds some redirects loop kind of problem with some web page, it just stops the loading tasks and shows you the error code called ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS.

Recently I got two different emails describing about two different problems with the same error code at the different conditions and here they are:


At present, I encountered a problem with my Google Chrome (51.0.2704.103). When I try to log in my Youtube and Gmail account, I got the error says “This webpage has a redirect loop” error instead of Login or Inbox.


I’m receiving this error called, “This webpage has a redirect loop” while opening one of my website in the Google chrome browser. When I tried opening it in some different browsers like Firefox, IE and even Tor, It worked perfectly fine. Chrome can really create problems sometimes and any suggestion would be appreciable.

So, as you can see you can get this problem on a single or multiple websites and maybe also on your own website and yesterday I again got some another mail about this same error so, that’s why I decide to make an article about it to show you what this problem is and how you can easily fix them even whatever the condition is with you.

Now I divided this tutorial solution into two different categories according to the two different conditions. So, skip the all first condition’s solutions If you having the problem related to the second condition.

Condition No. 1: Having This Problem On Single Or Multiple Website

Solution 1 – Correct Date and Time

If your desktop or laptop’s date or time isn’t correct then it’s 100% possible you’ve seeing this err too many redirects Error on some secure websites and by correcting the Date/time Setting, you can make things back to normal.

So, now change your time & date setting and your time zone as well as your region if it’s all incorrect.

  • If you’re using a windows computer then you can open your clock setting by clicking on your display clock at the bottom right side corner on your windows operating system and then it will show you an option named “Date and time setting”, just click on it.
  • If you’re using a mac desktop or laptop user then you’ll need to go to the Apple menu and after that click on System Preferences and when it gets open, just click on “Date & Time” to open it.

Solution 2 – Delete That Website Cookies

I am talking about Internet cookies, little pieces of information who stored in your web browser which mainly made of some text strings. These cookies saved automatically in your browsers and sometimes it creates a problem when it’s get corrupted and by clearing them can fix this problem completely and the great part is, it’s easy to clean a cookie.


  • First right click on the middle of the page which shows you redirect error and click on “Inspect” or you can also press “Ctrl+Shift+I” to open it.
  • After that click on the resource tab and in the resource tab find the option named cookies at the left sidebar.
  • Right click on cookies option and click on clear to clean all cookies of that website.
  • Restart your browsers to see the changes.

Solution 3 – Reset Your Browser

Unlikely our Google chrome having some junk files data stored in it and it can be the pre-saved cache or may be the internet cookies because of the overuse of the internet, but the good part is you can quickly remove all the unwanted files by just taking some simple steps and it’s quite possible it will repair the bad behavior of your browser.

So, the first thing you’ll need to do is to enter this address chrome://settings/resetProfileSettings into your Chrome’s address bar and press enter and after that it will show a reset option, just click on reset.

Condition No. 2: Having This Problem On Your Own Website

If you having this problem on your WordPress website, here are three different things what you can try right now to fix this issue:

  1. Redirect Code Problem – If you recently added some redirect code into your web page to make it redirect to some other page then make sure the code is written correctly.
  2. Plugins Problem – If you are using some redirecting related plugins then you can disable it test your website and if you don’t use any redirect related plugin then you try to disable all plugins one by one and check if any one of them in making some problem or not.
  3. Htaccess File Problem – If none of above helps you then it’s also quite possible this problem comes through your website’s htaccess file.

You can follow these steps to check whether your htaccess file creating this problem or not,

  • Go to the Public_html folder of your websites server by using cPanel or FTP.
  • Now find the “.htaccess” file.
  • Download that file for a backup reason.
  • After that Delete it from public_html.
  • Now Check you can able to open /wp-admin or not. If it works then now you’ll need to Login to your WP admin account and go to Settings > Permalink and change the temporary permalink structure and save it. It will re-create the htaccess file with proper rewrite rules.
  • Revert back to your original permalink and save it.


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