Security Certificate Error – Solutions

Not every website uses security certificates, but it does require for those websites who needs a private connection between a user and a server. Mainly a website’s security certificate is a type of security layer what a website is using for security purpose and not just that, there are also different types of security certificates are available on the internet to use for a website holder like HTTPS or SLL/TLS.

The main work of this Security Certificate is to encrypt all the data which is download or upload by that website’s user to make it safe and secure. Normally the reason behind this extra layer of security is to protect users Credit/Debit Cards or personal legal details like contact info or maybe Credit/Debit Card’s Pin etc.

So, now the question is why your browser is showing you the Security Certificate Error like “the site security certificate is not trusted” or “There is a problem with this website’s security certificate” when every time you try to open a secured website. The reason is simple, it’s possible that the security certificates of that websites got expired or maybe your browser is having some problem to create a secure network connection between the browser and the server.

99% this Security Certificate Error problem comes from the user’s side and it’s only 1% possibilities that the problem is coming from the website’s certificate.

A lot of time user having this certificate error on most of the websites on their internet browsers and if that’s the condition with you then it’s possible there is definitely something making problem in your internet network who prevents your browser to make a private connection, because it’s not possible that all the websites certificate got expired at the same time.

Let’s Move To The Solution

Most people asking me about that, can they able to access that website which is showing this ‘Security Certificate Error’? and the answer is yes, yes you can do that, by just clicking on “Continue to this website (not recommended)” in internet explorer and “Proceed anyway” in Google chrome, but I really don’t recommend you to do that until you get unsuccessful to fixing this issue because that does make your connection un-private and not just that, you also have to click on the proceed option every time when you open some secured website.

So, here are some solutions listed down below which can try on your computer to make things back to normal:

Solution No. 1 – Fix Data and Time

If your computer’s or laptop’s date or time isn’t correct then it’s 100% possible you’ve seeing this Connection Error problem on every secure website and by just correcting the Date/time Setting, you can quickly make things normal. So, now change your time & date setting and your time zone as well as your region if it’s all incorrect.

In your windows computer, you can open your clock setting by just clicking on your windows display clock at the bottom right side corner on your windows operating system and then it will show you an option named “Date and time setting” so, just click on it.

After that change your system’s date and time or maybe you can update the setting to automatic update and that will update all the digits automatically.

Solution No. 2 – Clear SSL State

Normally creating an SSL Connection takes time and that’s why it saves the cache itself to prevent this go through procedure every time it connects to that server and all the certificates will be cleared when you shut down your computer.

Basically clearing the SSL State Cache isn’t required in day-to-day using of a computer, but we’ll need to do this when we having some problems with the SSL connections.

So, to clear SSL State:

  • Go to the Control Panel in your windows and select Network and Internet option and then click on Internet Option, sometimes you can’t able to find the setting name Network And Internet, then the other option named Internet Option is defiantly gonna available in all those control panel options.
  • In the Internet Options windows click on the Content tab.
  • After that you’ll find the option name “Clear SSL state” so, just click on that button to make it clear.

Solution No. 3 – Flush DNS

It’s possible your computer’s saved DNS cache got corrupted too and to fix it, you’ll need to flush all DNS cached from your computer and the given step below will help you to do that.

  • First, open the Run Commander by pressing the Windows Key + R key.
  • Type “cmd” in the text box and that will open your windows Command Prompt.
  • In the cmd, type the command “ipconfig /flushdns” and then press enter, it will flush all cached DNS from your PC.
  • After that restart your computer and test it, if the problem still stays then open the cmd again and try the 2nd command listed below.
  • Second command: “netsh winsock reset catalog” (only try when the above once won’t works).

Solution No. 4 – Disable Certificates Warning

If none of the things from above works for you then it’s possible there is something problematic which is creating this issue and to fix it, you’ll need to call your internet service provider to make it fix. In that’s conditions you can disable the certificates error warning until your ISP fixed the issue.

  • To disable Certificates Warning you’ll need to open your windows internet options again and when you’ve opened the internet options, just click on the advanced tab.
  • Now search for these three listed options named “Check for publisher’s certificate revocation”, “check for server certificate revocation” and “Warn about certificate address mismatch”, and when you’ve found it just uncheck those options and click on “Apply” to save the setting.

After that test you internet connection again and this time your computer won’t show you the certificate error on the browser’s screen.

#What To Do If Problem Still Stays On Particular Websites

If you are still getting this problem on some or particular websites then it’s possible that website’s security certificates got expired or maybe that website sell their certificates in order to give access to only members user.

You can also buy and ask for certificates from the website’s admin and after that, you can install that certificate manually in your operating system to make your browser to access that particular website.


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