This webpage is not available with the error code ERR SSL VERSION OR CIPHER MISMATCH is the Google Chrome Browser’s error, which only occurs when there is some problem happening on your computer system while establishing the private connection with a secure website, and mainly this error is related to the “SSL Certificate” security.

If you’ve don’t even know about the term SSL, then SSL Certificates is basically a website security system which can provide you a secure, encrypted connection between the website and the website’s users. Basically, the word “SSL” stands for “Secure Sockets Layer” and it’s a protocol which is only made to encrypt online connections.

Normally people use this SSL Certificates on some particular pages like, web pages who’s responsible for collecting sensitive Data over the internet like your Credit Card details or some kind of Passwords.

Most of the people having this problem while accessing the bank websites or maybe while doing some online transactions, and sometimes not just only bank website, users also having this problem while surfing anything on the internet and it’s also possible that your own website is having this issue lately.

But the thing is, now you really don’t have to worry about it because with the help of this article, I’m going to help you out to fix this problem by your own.

#Troubleshooting Computers Setting

When you surf the Internet on any browser on your computer, it downloads the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security certificates from those websites who uses this SSL Security and this process called Caching SSL Certificates.

Sometimes when a corrupted certificate get saved by your browser, it’s quite possible that you having this problem shown on our browser.

However, to fix this issue there are some options you can try to make everything back to normal, the all the things what I’m talking about includes, turning some feature OFF and clear all the saved Cache Certificates stored in your computer.

So, let’s see which solution works on your computer.

@Changing Security Setting In Chrome:

To change the security setting in your chrome browser, first you’ll need to open it and type this Url “chrome://flags” without quotes into your browser’s address bar and by doing that your browser will open your chrome’s internal hidden settings page in front of you.

In that page, I want you to find the option named “Minimum SSLv3 version support” and change its setting to “SSLv3”, and after that restart your computer and test your internet connection.

If you can’t able to find this setting in your chrome’s setting page or maybe making changes in that setting won’t works for you, in that case, you  still have more solutions to try and now you’ll just need to stick with this tutorial and move to the next one listed down below.

@Disable QUIC In Chrome’s Setting:

To disable QUIC protocol in your Google Chrome, just copy and paste the given URL into the address bar and press Enter.


When it gets open, just Select the “Disabled” option from that setting’s drop-down menu list and after changing it, just restart your Google Chrome browser to see the changes.

Feedback By Carl On 12 Mar 2016,

I receive this error message on my bank’s website while inserted my User Name and password and when I click on next or trying to access my private information through the banking site, this error occurred but thanks, I solved this problem by changing setting in chrome. Now I can transfer money to my Mom :-).

@Clearing SSL Certificate Cache, Only In Windows:

Clearing SSL cache from your Windows Internet Option does help most of the times to fix this ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH issue.

  • To remove the stored SSL certificated from your PC, you’ll need to go to the “Control Panel” in your windows PC.
  • And to do that, first, go the Windows Explorer and in the upper top menu list, click on the “Open Control panel” to open it.
  • Now find the “Internet Options” setting in your control panel and when you found it, just double-click on that option and it will show you all your computer’s internet setting options.
  • After that, go to the “Content” tab and click on “Clear SSL State” button and then click on “OK”.

@Repairing Or Clean Junk Windows Registry:

The registry is the main key for your whole computer administration and due to poor personal Computer System maintenance, you may experience registry issues and later on lead to various unfixable computer errors including this ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATC problem.

Sometimes it might quite possible your windows files and registry files also got corrupted because of some corrupted installed software.

And whatever the reason is, I highly suggest you to use a world’s best in class registry cleaner to clean all the junk registry from your computer and repair those who really needs to repair.

If you don’t have any registry tuner or cleaner in your computer, then install some world’s best cleaner in your PC to get the perfect performance and long error free computer lifespan .

Here are two Top Rated software’s what I recommend to all my websites users as listed below:

1st Best – Zookware Cleaner

2nd Best – CCleaner Professional

After downloading the registry Cleaner, just click on scan button which will automatically start the full system scan and after that, it will show you the list of every little problem what it found in your computer.

After that, just click on Fix Problem Button to repair everything which it shows in front of you.

#Troubleshooting Browsers

Sometimes it’s possible that this problem is coming from your browser and to make sure about it, there are two options you can still try to fix this ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH Error.

@Reset Chrome Browser

  1. Open your Chrome and click on the Chrome’s menu at the right-hand top corner.
  2. Then Click on “Settings”.
  3. At the bottom of that page, click “Show advanced settings”.
  4. Under the section “Reset settings”, click on Reset settings.
  5. When some another box appears, again click on Reset.

@Reinstall Chrome Bowser

In case, resetting browsers’ setting won’t works, then you’ll need to uninstall your chrome browser from your computer and install the latest version of chrome by downloading it from the internet.

To uninstall the browser, press “Windows key + R key” to open the run commander and then type “appwiz.cpl” in the run box and when the Program and Feature’s windows get opens, select your Chrome and Click on Uninstall.

After trying everything if you’ve still having this problem in your computer then maybe now you should need to call your Internet Service Provider to get assistance.

If you only getting this error on a particular website then you can try to wait for a while because it happens a lot when the website is updating.

@What To Do – If You Still Having This Problem:

If this problem still stuck on your computer then the only way to fix it, is to reinstall your Windows Operating System.

You can follow this link to see >> How To Install Windows On A Desktop Or Laptop Computer?

#Troubleshooting Own Website

It’s common to having this problem on your website and mainly this error only occurs on those websites who using SSL security certificates to encrypt their connection between a user and the website.

If you see this error on your website, then it means that the secure connection can’t be able to establish on a browser because of some outdated security code on your website. Chrome is just protecting the user’s privacy by preventing the page to open.

If you use any kind of CND Service for yore website then it’s also quite possible to have this problem on your domain and you can quickly confirm it by turning off your CDN Service for a while just for testing purpose.

If you’ve recently installed the SSL Certificate on your server then I’ll highly suggest you check every configuration again what you’ve recently done.

If you can’t find anything useful for your website, then the last and best way to fix this “ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH” Error on your website is by calling your hosting provider.


  1. Execuse me . Now I just want to enable https visting avaiable . By settting server.xml of tomcat . But still
    the tips occur . Having tried many methods to solve the issue . Still not work . How to deal with that .

      • Not true. I am running Chrome on XP and I have tried every method I could find on the web…even reinstalling the OS. The problem still exists for me. Selecting “disable SSLv3” in Chrome is not even an option in Chrome 49…which is the latest version you can get for XP.

  2. If you are going through a firewall you want to have your firewall team check the enycrption settings. This problem had me troubled for a while.

  3. It’s common to having this problem on your website and mainly this error only occurs on those websites who using SSL security certificates to encrypt their connection between a user and the website.

  4. If you see this error on your website, then it means that the secure connection can’t be able to establish on a browser because of some outdated security code on your website. Chrome is just protecting the user’s privacy by preventing the page to open.


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