Removing A Program & Software Which Won’t Able To Uninstall

Once in a while, we do having some software which won’t be able to uninstall easily and creating some trouble in our computer. A program refuse to uninstall, when its files got corrupted and they don’t be able to find the uninstallation directory.

In that case, you can use some 3rd party software or do it manually to uninstall and remove that software completely and in this tutorial, I’m gonna show you how to do that.

So Let’s See

There are two ways to remove that program completely –

Solution #1 – Manually

In manually you will remove that program by finding and delete that software directory yourself. To manually uninstall that program, just repeat these steps what we show you below.

Step 1 – Open Programs and Features

Open the “Programs and Features” from the control panel and find that program what you wants to uninstall.

Step 2 – Uninstall

Now, select that program and click on uninstall and follow the procedure whatever that software shows you to uninstall ourselves.

If you successfully remove that program then you don’t need to read this tutorial, but if you still having that software in your computer and it’s still unresolvable then you should move on to our next step.

Step 3 – Kill process

If you are unsuccessful to uninstall that program, don’t worry about it now we are going to remove that software by starting to killing the process for that software.

So, open your windows task manager and find that program’s process in the “processes” tab and after that select it and click on “End process” to kill that program process (if running). If you didn’t find the process that means your program isn’t running you can move on to our next step.

Step 4 – Delete Directories

Commonly all the program was installed in the directory of “C:\Program Files” or in the windows directory by default. So, open and find that program directory and delete all the files in it.

If you having trouble to find the directory, you can use the shortcut to find it easily as shown in fig below.

And after that open the windows program directory to delete the remains files related to that software and now you’ve successfully remove that program, just restart your computer and that’s it.

You can also delete that program from the starts menu too:

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

Solution #2 – Automatically

If the above procedure doesn’t work for you or you just don’t wanna to waste your time for searching that software directory and deleting them, then we have an automatic solution for you to remove that program.

You’ll just need to download the 3rd party software, we are using “Revo Uninstaller” to remove the program because it’s freeware (trial version) and it’s also easy to use.

I’ll Recommend you to uninstall the program by using the advanced mode in this software and that will remove the program completely off to your computer.

Link to download the RevoUninstaller >>>

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