ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED– Explained With Solutions

Google chrome is a perfect browser to surf the internet and just like every perfect thing, there’s always been a problem who’s gonna stuck in the way of its performance. Basically, ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED is an internet connectivity issue and mainly it occurs while opening any website on your Google browser or either it can be occured on a single website too.

So, just like I said it’s an internet connectivity problem and bad thing about this problem is, there are lots of different reasons behind this error who’s is fully responsible for the problem.

So, now you’ll have to try to do some different-different solutions in your computer if you really wanna to fix this problem.

All solutions are listed down below and the good thing is, all are easy to perform and 90% you’ll gonna fix this problem by your own.

#First Thing First

The first thing which I want you to try is to restart your browser and if that won’t works then you’ll need to restart your computer or laptop too because, in the duration of your system restart, your operating system prepares to execute some certain types of diagnosis in their background process.

If you don’t know, a simple reboot can simply fix your computer if it’s acting strange and In fact, restarting your PC can prefix common problems before they occur.

Solution No.1 – Free Some Ram Memory

Nowadays chrome eats a lot of amount of ram memory and if your computer having a low amount of ram installed in your motherboard or maybe there is some software which you’ve using right now who eats lots of ram space and don’t remain for your chrome to use and if that’s the condition with you then it’s 100% possible you’ve seeing this error on your computer’s browsers.

To make sure you can open your windows task manager and check for the current ram usage what your computer is utilizing right now.

So, to open it you’ll have to press “Ctrl + Alt + Delete” key at the same time to show up the windows menu and in that menu, you’ll need to select “Task Manager” to open it.

In the performance tab, you can check how much amount of Ram (Memory) is your computer is using and if your computer is using more that 95% of ram then you’ll need to upgrade for ram or maybe you can close that program who’s eating that much amount of ram in your PC.

Solution No.2 – Disable Proxy

Sometimes our PC’s internet configuration gets modified by some freaky computer Viruses or maybe some spammy installed software’s and by making some simple changes in our internet setting can bring our internet back to work.

The core configuration which I’m chitchatting about is a “Proxy” setting which you can found in your Operating System’s control panel because a proxy server is a server which acts as an intermediary for getting the requests from the clients seeking resources from some another server and there are so many of different reasons for our proxy settings to get changed and those are:

  1. Changed By Some Malware.
  2. Changed By Some Viruses.
  3. Changed By Computer’s User, Manually.
  4. Changed by Some Software What You’re Using in Your Computer.

Whatsoever, by doing a particular change in your windows internet setting can make things back to normal.

@To Change Internet Setting:

  • First, go to the “Control Panel” in your windows PC.
  • And after that open your windows file manager and in the upper top menu list you’ll need to click on the“Open Control panel” option to open it.

Or In Windows 7

  • After that, you have to search for the setting named “Internet Options” in that control panel window and when you found it, just double-click on it and it will show you your computer’s internet setting.
  • Now click on the Connection Tab and then on LAN setting.
  • Now un-tick all settings from the check box and click OK button to exit and that’s the only thing you’ll have to do in it.
  • Now restart your computer and test it, if the problem stays move to the next solution listed below.

Solution No.3 – Remove Spammy Software

There are lots of Software developer companies who’s creating some Spammy add-ons or extension or maybe a software program which can advertise their products and sometimes when some incompatible software or plugin gets installed in your computer can definitely create this ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error.

To remove these softwares you’ll need to go to your windows “Program and Features” setting and uninstall all those unknown installed programs.

Press “Windows key + R key” and when the run commander gets open, type “appwiz.cpl” and press Enter, after when the program and feature windows get opens, select and Uninstall those Softwares and Toolbar which you don’t even use.

Solution No.4 – Reset Your Browser

Unlikely our Google chrome having some junk files data stored in it and it can be the pre-saved cache or may be the internet cookies because of our overuse of the internet, but the good part is you can quickly remove all the unwanted files by just taking some simple steps and it’s quite possible it will repair the bad behavior of your browser.

So, the first thing you’ll need to do is to enter this address “chrome://settings/resetProfileSettings” into your Chrome’s address bar and press enter and after that it will show a reset option, just click on reset.

Solution No.5 – Renewing New IP

Renewing your IPv4 / IPv6 or DNS Server IP address can help you to troubleshoot your annoying network problem like fixing IP conflicting etc. and the good thing is, this process is also quick and easy, no matter which operating systems you’re using. I’m gonna showing you this renewing IP thinks only for windows and if you’re using some other OS then you can search it on the Google for doing this IP renew thing for your OS.

@To renew IP on Windows OS you’ll need to do:                    

  • First, you’ll gonna have to open your Windows CMD command prompt.
  • When its gets open, type “ipconfig /release” (without quotes) and press “Enter”.
  • After that type “ipconfig /renew” (without quotes) and then press “Enter” again.
  • Now type “exit” and press enter once more.
  • Restart your computer and test it, if the problem stays then you can contact me and I’m gonna help you out through this.


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