Best 2TB Internal Hard Drive What You Can Buy For Your Laptop, Desktop Or PS3 / PS4

Report Data Collected On: 1/Feb/2019

Are you looking for a perfect 2TB hard drive for a laptop or desktop? You may come across a number of options but knowing which ones are the best can help you narrow down your choices to those that are most reliable.

We have researched the market for the best 2TB hard drives and used each of them to find out if they really stood up to the features that they were marketed with. Our tests involved checking the transfer speed, the access times, cache space, and failure rate.

Keeping in mind that hard disk drives are mechanical, there is a certain amount of wear and tear which can affect the quality of the hard drive over a period of time. Some hard drives may not be able to last more than 6 months but others may last even more than 6 years.

Your budget can make a difference, but the hard drives that we have in the list do not have a huge price difference. Almost all of them fit in the same price range and the price of these four hard drives is worthy of the work they perform.

Here’s The List of Few Important Things What You’ll Need to See before Buying Any HDD:

  1. Size Hard drive comes in a lot of different sizes, but mostly we only use three common sizes for our storage needs. The first one is 3.5 Inch, it’s big full-size drive what we normally use in our desktops computers. The second one is 2.5 Inch 9.5mm small drive which you can mostly see in your laptops or PlayStation. The third one also comes in 2.5 Inch but it’s 2.5mm thinner than the 9.5mm 2.5 Drive. So, make sure about your correct size selection before buying any. Tip: You can see your old system drive to confirm the size.
  2. RPM HDD uses a motor to spin the built-in disk, and that motor’s speed defines through RPM (Round per minute) and always remember, higher the number is better.
  3. Cache HDD cache mainly used to process the current process data and the only thing what you’ll need to remember is, the higher the cache size is, the better multitasking that HDD can handle.

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So, Let’s See How Many Best 2 TB Hard Disk Drive Are Available:

#Best 2TB 2.5 Inch HDDs Available For Laptop

2nd 2.5 Inch – Western Digital BLUE ‘WD20SPZX’

  • Size: 2.5 inch 7mm
  • RPM: 5400
  • Read and Write Speed: 164 MB/s, 116 MB/s
  • Cache Size: 128 MB
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Price Tag: 79.97$ Approx. {Check Current Price}

About it: This hard disk drive by WD is 7mm tall in height that fits most of the form-factor strict computers or laptops. It can fit most of the devices including the ultra-thin notebook computers. It is one the thinnest hard disk drive with 7 mm height.

It offers three storage variants 1 TB, 1.5 TB, and 2 TB with a robust capacity of space of hard disk drive. Also, there are smaller storage capacity variants too from 320 GB – 750 GB offering little different specifications of the product. With so many varieties in storage capacity, the company is fit for all kind of users.

The hard disk drive is equipped with 5400 rpm of rotational speed. It is Western Design’s best example of their approach to driving innovation in the storage segment. WD has done many upgrades in their hard disk manufacturing with this hard disk drive which contains only 2 platters for 2 TB space.

The form factor of the hard disk drive has decreased with an increase in advanced technology. With its smaller range of variants in storage, it offers 5mm of height even thinnest.

The hard disk drives have an interface of 6 Gb/s SATA which allows an internal transfer rate of max 164MB/s. Also, it offers 128 MB of buffer memory enabling fast processing. Considering the power consumption associated with the hard disk drive, it requires 0.57 watt of idle rate power and 1.7 watts of active seek rate of power.

In my Opinion;

This one is actually the fastest drive you can buy for your compact desktop or laptop, under the 2.5 Inch 2TB 7mm category;

But still, if you need something more powerful like 20% extra performance, then you can check out the “Seagate BarraCuda Pro” in the 1TB variant, which surely has some satisfactory specs and can fulfill all the performance need that you’re hoping of.

Here’s a link for “Seagate BarraCuda Pro ST1000LM049” Review: List of Best 1TB HDD (Hard Disk Drive) – Monthly Updated

WD Blue 2TB PC Hard Drive - 5400 RPM Class, SATA 6 Gb/s, 128 MB Cache, 2.5" - WD20SPZX

Click on link to check out the current price of “Western Digital BLUE WD20SPZX“: @Amazon US ($79.97), @Amazon UK (£77.50)@Amazon IND (₹4999.00), @BestBuy (N/A),  @Walmart (N/A), @Newegg ($81.99).

1st 2.5 Inch – Seagate Enterprise ‘ST2000NX0253’

  • Size: 2.5 inch 15mm (not for every laptop, but best for NAS, Servers & Compact Desktop)
  • RPM: 7200
  • Read and Write Speed: 185 MB/s, 127 MB/s
  • Cache Size: 128 MB
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Price Tag: 260.00$ Approx. {Check Current Price}

About it: Seagate has been in this field for years and providing their reliable service maintaining their dignity. The hard disk drive has 7200 RPM of spindle speed ensuring high-speed performance and a buffer memory of 128 MB.

The hard disk drive doesn’t require a local processor intervention with its full-track multiple-sector transferability. Its key features involve high instantaneous (burst) data-transfer rates which are up to 600MB per second.

It is featured with PowerChoice for selectable power saving making it energy conversing device. It is advanced in technology with perpendicular recording provides the drives with increased areal density. For diagnostic software performance, the hard disk drive is equipped with SeaTools.

The hard disk drive supports SATA cables and connectors and has a top cover attached motor for vibration elimination. Also, it is provided with 127 MB/s to 185 MB/s max internal data transfer rate and 600 Mb/s maximum I/O data transfer rate.

The drive is 15MM in height and made especially for NAS and Servers, so you can’t use it in every notebook or laptop until it supports the bulky drive (which you can easily check on its specification).

In my Opinion;

Just like the above one, you can’t expect anything compelling from a heavy storage drive. Don’t know why, but all the performer mobile series hard drive is limited to the 1 Terabyte of space.

Don’t buy it, until you unquestionably need a 2TB drive;

Because in 140$, you can get a “Western Digital VelociRaptor” which is 30% faster than this Seagate enterprise-grade hard drive: List of Best 1TB HDD (Hard Disk Drive) – Monthly Updated

If the performance isn’t the issue for you, then “Seagate Barracuda 3TB 2.5 Inch 15MM HDD” is only available for about 117$; List of Best 3TB HDD (Hard Disk Drive) – Monthly Updated

Hard Drives

Click on link to check out the current price of “Seagate Enterprise ST2000NX0253“: @Amazon US ($260.00), @Amazon UK (£271.89)@Amazon IND (₹31,019.00), @BestBuy (N/A),  @Walmart (N/A), @Newegg ($263.88).

#Best 2TB 3.5 Inch HDDs Available For Desktop

4th 3.5 Inch – Toshiba DT01ACA*** Series ‘DT01ACA200’
DT01ACA200 AAA AA00/AB0 HDS723020BLE640 P/N: 9F14311 MLC: MRSAB0 Toshiba 2TB

  • RPM: 7200
  • Read and Write Speed: 193 MB/s, 193 MB/s
  • Cache Size: 64 MB
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Price Tag: 54$ Approx. {Check Current Price}

About it:  The Toshiba DT01ACA*** Series hard disk drive is rated at 1.5 million hours MTBF at 7200 RPM, only under 55$. This is one of the key features of this hard disk drive. For the high-quality performance, the hard disk drive has a mechanical design of fifth-generation Toshiba-platter.

This series was first introduced in 2012 and from then till now it has always proven to be the top reliable and capable hard disk drive. There is the choice for interface and encryption with this hard disk device.

It has four storage capacity variants, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB or 3TB. The form factor of the hard disk drive is 3.5 inch. It has sector per byte of 512 and 64 MB data buffer memory. With a rotational speed of 7200 rpm and 300000 loads/unload cycles, the hard disk drive is one of the best choices.

Talking about the performance of the hard disk drive, it delivers by reducing downtime, passes stringent ongoing reliability during manufacturing. Also, eliminating service calls and keeping TCO design tests during manufacturing. The DT01ACA*** family is known for its high-quality, scientific rot cause analyzed products. The hard disk drive upgrades smoothly with SATA and Fibre Channel to SATA ecosystem. Lastly, this is a smart choice if you are looking for a reliable hard disk drive in the 3.5-inch category.

In my Opinion;

Under this price range, you honestly can’t get anything better than this. It’a perfect budget drive you can have which will never compromise with the performance either.

Toshiba DT01ACA200 2TB 7200 RPM 3.5'' SATA (Silver)

Click on link to check out the current price of “Toshiba DT01ACA*** Series DT01ACA200“: @Amazon US ($54.00), @Amazon UK (£53.36)@Amazon IND (₹10690.00), @BestBuy (N/A), @Walmart (N/A), @Newegg ($73.91).

3rd 3.5 Inch – Seagate Constellation ES.3 ‘ST2000NM0033’
Seagate Constellation ES.3 ST1000NM0033 1TB 7200 RPM 128MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Enterprise Internal Hard Drive Bare Drive

  • RPM: 7200
  • Read and Write Speed: 184 MB/s, 177 MB/s
  • Cache Size: 128 MB
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Price Tag: 79.99$ Approx. {Check Current Price}

About it: Next in the list is by Seagate. The hard disk drive from Seagate promises high-capacity form factor with various options of storage capacity. It gives options for both the SAS and SATA interfaces. Also, sixth-generation drive technology. The data correction and SAS based data improvement are made easy with this hard disk drive.

To provide accuracy in data the company has made these modifications. It also works pretty well to eliminate vibrations making is friendly in all kinds of environment. The hard disk drive consumes less power and is also equipped with cooling fans to avoid overheating problems.

The power consumption is one important factor and the Seagate has provided T10/T13 power management standards with this hard disk drive. For robust performance, it is featured with dual processors. To further add up to it is high-technology list making the hard disk drive more reliable it has humidity sensors and ramp load technology.

Seagate Constellation ES.3 ST2000NM0033 2TB 7200 RPM 128MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Enterprise Internal Hard Drive Bare Drive
Also, to ensure high performance in all environments it has a top quality motor attached. The self-encryption is also available with FIPS 140-2 validation making the hard disk drive more customizable. Seagate is an old name and promising one to trust your data security with. The hard disk drive is compatible with most of the applications such as cloud bulk data storage, virtual tape, centralized data and other.

Also, mainstream enterprise external storage array. The hard disk drive is featured with SATA 6 Gb/s interface, 512-528 bytes per sector according to storage capacity, 128 MB of Buffer size in all storage variants, and 7200 rpm rotation speed. The hard disk drive claims 0.63% of reliability at 24*7 workload situation.

It is featured with dual interface port with 12.5 rad per second2 of rotational vibration at 1500 Hz. Overall, this is a great buy with so many advanced features. The hard disk drive is totally worth your attention if you are looking for a hard disk drive under the 3.5-inch form factor.

In my Opinion;

I reason why I put this drive on third is because, 80$ for a 128MB cache drive with 184/177 MB/s Read/Writes speed and a 5-year warranty, is a superb deal if you really are into some multitasking stuff.

Did you know? that you can buy a bit fewer specs drive with 3 terabytes of storage for only about 78$; List of Best 3TB HDD (Hard Disk Drive) – Monthly Updated

SEAGATE 9ZM175-003 Details about Seagate ES.3 ST2000NM0033 2TB 128MB SATA 6.0GB/S 3.5

Click on link to check out the current price of “Seagate Constellation ES.3 ST2000NM0033“: @Amazon US ($79.99), @Amazon UK (£105.00)@Amazon IND (₹10,299.00), @BestBuy (N/A), @Walmart (N/A), @Newegg ($86.99).

3rd 3.5 Inch – Seagate Ironwolf Pro ‘ST2000NE0025’

  • RPM: 7200
  • Read and Write Speed: 195 MB/s, 192 MB/s
  • Cache Size: 129 MB
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Price Tag: 99.99$ Approx. {Check Current Price}

About it: Next on the list is Seagate Ironwolf Pro hard disk drive with advance technology drive delivers congruous high-quality performance in multiple applications. The hard disk drive from Seagate can handle up to ten times more workload as compared to previously launched hard disk drives by the company.

As per Seagate ’s center portfolio, it is referred to as a NAS hard disk drive. If you are looking for a hard disk drive that has, high-vacancy of storage array with robust storing capabilities, then this the hard disk drive for you.

It promises high-capability, performance, reliability to the user making it deserving for this list of a top hard disk drive in the 3.5-inch category. To provide maximum compatibility and flexibility it is equipped with SATA interface. Considering the dimensions of the hard disk drive, it has 3.5 inches in width and 1-inch in height.

The hard disk drive is available in 2 TB to 14 TB of different variants to fit in need of all types of computing users. It features SATA 6Gb/s interface providing best in class performance with native command queuing and RoHS compliant. The cache memory varies in 128 MB and 256 MB according to the storing capacity of the hard disk drive making it versatile in nature.

The hard disk drive delivers 7200 rpm of rotational speed and 600000 loads/unload cycles. Also, available with 5 years of warranty providing the peace of mind to the buyer. You can definitely give some attention to the product if you are looking for a similar category product.

In my Opinion;

Excellent choice for a NAS or a Home server, when the hard drive is already RAID performance optimized for supreme responsiveness and uptime with NAS-aware Error Recovery Control.

If you are looking for a drive for your surveillance system then, ‘Seagate SV35 3TB ST3000VX000’ is a heck of a deal what you can get in 95$; List of Best 3TB HDD (Hard Disk Drive) – Monthly Updated

Seagate 2TB IronWolf Pro 7200RPM SATA 6Gb/s 128MB Cache 3.5-Inch NAS Hard Disk Drive (ST2000NE0025)

Click on link to check out the current price of “Seagate Ironlolf Pro ST2000NE0025“: @Amazon US ($99.99), @Amazon UK (£80.49)@Amazon IND (₹15,370.00), @BestBuy (N/A),  @Walmart (N/A), @Newegg ($119.99).

1st 3.5 Inch – Western Digital Gold ‘WD2005FBYZ’

  • RPM: 7200
  • Read and Write Speed: 195 MB/s, 233 MB/s
  • Cache Size: 128 MB
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Price Tag: 115.89$ Approx. {Check Current Price}

About it: Now the last hard disk drive of the list under 3.5-inch form factor category is by Western Design. The gold hard disk drive by WD never miss any chance to deliver best in class performance in heavy workload environment. The hard disk drive is known for its dependency.

The hard disk drive was designed with a technology to handle up to 550 TB workload in a year and you can find it in all top lists for 3.5-inch hard disk drive category. It is best known for its durability and reliability in all environment.

The hard disk drive claims 2.5 million hours MTBF another factor adds up to its reliability. The device promises a warranty of 5 years providing you peace of mind for the next five year after buying it. It features SATA 6 Gb/s interface for high-speed performance.

Talking about the dimensions of the product, it has a 3-inch width and 1 inch in height. The hard disk drive is provided with 7200 rpm. The hard disk drive is available in 1 TB to 2 TB variants for the storage capacity. Also, it provides native command queuing and RoHS compliant.

It has a cache memory of 128 MB to 256 MB varies for different storage variants of the device and 600000 loads/unload cycle, vibration protection was also keeping in mind during the manufacturing of the device by correcting linear and rotational vibration in real time. For the conclusion, I would say this is a great choice and a dependable hard disk drive with the 3.5-inch form factor.

In my Opinion;

WD Gold does deserve a gold medal in our list, it’s the only one which beat the highest performance under the 2 TB category, but if you are still hungry for the performance then just like always, I have better deal for you if you are good enough to spend some extra 65 bucks.

WD Black 4TB WD4005FZBX; List of Best 4TB HDD (Hard Disk Drive) – Monthly Updated

TDSOURCING WESTERN DIGITAL WD Gold WD2005FBYZ 2 TB Hard Drive - SATA (SATA/600) - 3.5" Drive - Internal - 7200rpm - 128 MB Buffer

Click on link to check out the current price of “Western Digital Gold WD2005FBYZ“: @Amazon US ($115.89), @Amazon UK (£135.64)@Amazon IND (₹11,349.00), @BestBuy (N/A),  @Walmart (N/A), @Newegg ($115.00).

And that’s our top 6 list of the best 2TB (2.5/3.5 Inch) HDD what you can get for your desktop or laptop computer. Stay tuned for more! – So, what will you pick, if you wanted one for yourself? Let me know in the comments below:

Happy Shopping!!!


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