HDD Buying Tips For Laptop And Desktop

Without a storage device, our computer system is just a dumb terminal who can’t even save or remember any single file or information in it. There are a lot of different kinds of storage devices which are available in the computer market and the important thing is, you should need to know every little thing about it before buying any storage device for your computer system because every different storage device has its own performance and specification.

But in this article, I’m just going to talk about the hard disk storage drives and I believe by this article I do make you know about every little useful detail of the Hard Drive which will help you a lot in becoming a professional while buying an HDD for yourself.

So, talking about the hard disk drives be like, how many different types of the hard disks are available in the market or what are the differences between the performance of different hard drives or everything thing what you should need to know before going for a hard disk shopping.

#Let’s Start With The Types

Mainly there are two types of hard disk are available in the market and those are:

  1. Internal Hard Disk Drive – An internal hard disk drive is the primary storage unit of a computer system, it is mostly used in desktop or laptop computers and gaming consoles etc. and it also comes in 3 different sizes to fits in all three types of storage casing unit.
  2. External Hard Disk DriveExternal Disk Drive is the combination of two different thing which is “internal HDD” and “USB or Wireless Casing” so, that means if we put an HDD into a Sata to USB converter casing, you can use your internal hard disk drive outside your computer through the USB cable, normally we don’t buy two different things and combine them to make it an external storage, now every or maybe most of IT industry’s manufacturers is making External drivers with HDD’s and SSD’s in beautiful drive casing and not just that some companies also provides wireless hard disk drives with some useful softwares to make backup your computers hard disk drive becomes easier, reliable and now with the Wi-Fi hard disk drivers the external drive has becomes more portable.

I think by now you do know better about these two types of Hard Disks Drivers and even if you’ll be going to buy an External Hard Disk Drive for yourself, that External Disk Drive also using an internal disk drive in it and that’s the reason why I decided to write this whole article for Internal Disk Drives shopping tips.

Or if you are looking to gain your knowledge for external hard drives then first I suggest you to read this article which really going to helpful for you and after that you can also check out my another article about “How To Buy An External Hard Disk Drives?” to make your knowledge wider.

#So, Let’s See How To Buy An Internal Hard Disk Drive:

To buy an internal hard disk we need to look at three different characteristics of a Disk Drive and those are:

  1. Storage
  2. Size
  3. Performance

1# – All About Storage

As by analyzing what a user do work on daily basis, mainly we need storage devices to store two types of data and those are “huge” or “small”, huge means an operating system or a collection of movies or maybe a collection of big ISO’s files or games who need large amount of storage capacity devices to store all the data in, and in other hand small data means that amount of data who can all fits into your decent capacity of storage device and make it easy to transfer and accessible for future use like a Pendrive.

But in this article I’m only going to talk about hard disk drives which are actually the ‘Heavy Data Storage Device’ and just like every other storage devices, hard disk also comes with the predefined capacity of storage limit to store the data in it.

And nowadays you can buy a hard drive starts from 80GB to 10,000GB of storage capacity.

So, there are numbers of the different storage limit category of hard disk drives are available in the market and it’s up to you to decide which one suits your storage need. And if you don’t know how much storage do you need to buy, then buying a 500GB hard disk is really going to be money worthy for you.

2# – All About Size

Hard disk drivers used in a lot of different kind of electronic products but mainly for computer use, there are only three different sizes of hard disk are available in the market and the first one is “3.5 Inch” normal hard disk drive which mainly used in the desktop computers, and the second one is “2.5 inch 9.5 mm” hard disk which mainly used in laptop computers, and the third one is also comes for the laptop too, but it is 2.5MM thinner than the normal one (which mainly is 9.5mm thin). So, the third one is also 2.5 inch HDD but it comes in 7MM height.

“3.5 Inch” Hard Diskis the one which mainly used in desktop computers, servers, and CCTV DVRs, and as compared to all another size of hard disk’s, this 3.5 is the one which comes in the 10 Terabytes of storage capacity in a single hard disk drive. When it comes to the performance the 3.5 inch HDD is also the one which can give you the highest performance ever designed for a hard disk drive. This the biggest hard disk comes nowadays and if you’re looking for a hard disk who can fit easily into your computer’s cabinet casing then this 3.5-inch drive will going to be a perfect selection for your computer.

“2.5 Inch” “9.5mm” Hard Disk is the one which we mainly uses in laptop computer and this is the most famous hard disk drive used in lots of storage holding products like notebook, laptops, gaming console, external drive casing and not just that, you can also use this hard drive on your desktop computer too, and to do that you’ll just need to screw the 2.5 inches small hard disk drive into your compact or big computer casing and put the same power or data cable into it which you also normally use for 3.5 inches hard disk drive. Pretty Good Right!!!

“2.5 Inch” “7mm” Hard Disk – is the one which mainly used in slim designed laptops or mostly in mini 10-inch screen laptops. This “2.5 Inch” “7mm” HDD works same as compared to “2.5 Inch” “9.5mm”, and also have the same interface.

Tip: If you are willing to buy a hard disk for your laptop and don’t even know what size of a hard disk does your laptop support then you’ll need to take out the old hard disk drive from your laptop and then measure it’s height by using a measuring tape.

3# – All About The Performance

Hard disk’s performance is the only thing which matters the most and decides how that hard disk drive going to perform while processing the data from computer to the hard disk or vice versa.

So, low hard disk performance is the one which can bottleneck your computers or laptops overall performance because every program you use or open is mainly processed from your computer’s hard disk drive.

A lot of people don’t notice it but everything you do on your computer is all going through your computer system’s hard drive like, using Windows which installed in C: drive of your hard disk or playing music or maybe a movie which is also saved on your hard disk, and as you can see, everything you do on your computer, hard disk’s speed really matter the most as compare to Ram or Processor.

A lot of people think to increase ram or processor as it can upgrade the system overall performance but they often forget about the storage speed. And nowadays a lot of people started using SSD’s (Solid state drive) in the place of an old hard disk drive because it’s 20 times faster than a top rated hard disk drive and it also speeds up the PC in real time.

Let’s get back to the hard disk again, an HDD needs to have some good figure specification on its box in order to perform perfectly. And some couple of things what you’ll need to have look over on the specification’s page of your hard drive are:

  1. RPM – Hard disk is made up of a disk motor and some rewritable disks and the reader or a writer who process all the data structure in it. The whole performance of hard disk depends on how fast that motor runs, so there are different types of motor which are available in the market which mainly describes as RPM speed of the hard disk, RMP means round per minute of the disk rotation of your hard drive and if a hard disk’s specification shows 7200 RPM, that means it will going to run the disk at the speed of 7200 round per minute in the drive. The Higher RPM number is better.
  2. Cache – HDD cache or you can say disk buffer both are the same things and mainly use to process current process data and the only thing what you have to remember is, the higher the cache size, the higher the performance will be.
  3. Interface – Nowadays there are two types of SATA interfaces are available in the market and the first one is SATA 2.0 which can deliver the 3 Gb/second of data transferring speed and the second one is SATA 3.0 which provides up to 6Gb/second speed while transferring the data information. To use Sata 3.0 HDD on your computer or laptop, your computer does need SATA 3.0 compatible slot on the motherboard too, and to check that your motherboard supports Sata 3.0 you’ll need to check your system’s motherboard specification on the manufacturer’s website.

Now it’s all up to you, what would you choose for yourself?

#So, Let’s Answer Some Practical Questions Now

Question No. 1 What are the basic tips To Buy an Internal HDD?

Answer. Here’s the list of suggested tips what you can follow:

  • Try to buy a high RPM HDD for your computer to get the full performance.
  • Try to buy high cache HDD to get the high performance for system storage caching.
  • If you need a low price HDD for your computer for basic work or maybe you just need an extra hard drive for your computer’s backup purpose, in both cases, you may buy 5400 RPM HDD which has around 32MB cache in it will definitely going to fit in your budget.

Question No. 2 How To Buy an Internal Hard Disk Drive For Desktop Computer?

Answer.  Always buy the 3.5-inch hard disk for your computer, and in case you have compact small computer’s cabinet then the 2.5 inches HDD also going to works for you.

Question No. 3 How To Buy Internal Hard Disk Drive For laptops?

Answer. Always check what size of Hard Disk that you need for your laptop, what do you need 9.5 MM or 7MM HDD? So, make it clear about the size before purchasing either of them.

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