Antimalware Service Executable – Explained With Solution

Just like every high-tech computer users, you’ve do open your Windows Task Manager when your computer system got hanged or getting slow to know which one of the running program is responsible for that hanging or slow problem.

And then you found, it’s some “Antimalware Service Executable” program is the one who’s responsible for making your PC hanged by taking that high CPU or maybe Disk Usage.

So, now the question is:

What Is That Process And Why It’s Taking High Computer Usage?

Antimalware Service Executable is a background process run by your OS Windows Defender which is normally pre-installed in your operating system and in fact, Windows Defender is a utility tool program which helps our operating system to protect against spam pop-ups, slow performance, security threats caused by spyware and other malware too.

So, the main work of this software is to remove these kinds of threads by detecting them from your operating system.

Windows Defender provides a Real-Time Protection feature and that’s the main reason for this problem who creating that much system usage, it happing only because that feature continuously monitor your whole system’s process to make it filter against those useless threads and that’s helping the defender to take the action quickly against the spyware right after when it’s detect.

So, whatever you’re doing, this problem can have occurred in the middle of anything.

So let’s see what’s gonna fix this problem:

1# – Change Defender’s Schedule

Now you do know this problem is occurring because of that continuously running scan which is mainly run by your operating system but the best part is you can manually un-schedule it by just making some changes in your Windows Task Scheduler.

So, now open you can open your windows task scheduler by using the “taskschd.msc” keyword in your Windows Run commander. You can press “Windows Key + R Key” at the same time to open run commandeer and then you can type the command what I’ve suggested and then click “Ok” to open it.

 photo taskschd.msc_-min_zpsqs4ekq2o.jpg

When the task scheduler gets open, you’ll need to go the Windows Defender’s folder by browsing it from the left side panel. Just expand the folders and find the defender’s Sub-folder.

Path to follow >>   Library/Microsoft/Windows/Windows defender

 photo task schedular-min_zpsc3ds5oc3.png

Once when you’re in the Windows Defender Folder, just find the service Name called “Windows Defender Scheduled Scan” and after that, you’ll need to click on it and that make it highlight and after that in the right side menu options, click on “Properties”.

 photo task scheduler 2-min_zpscia31dgi.png

Now in that “Windows defender scheduled scan properties” Window, I want to modify some settings in the “Conditions” tab.

Mainly these settings specify the conditions that, along with the trigger, determine whether the task should run or not.

Just untick all the mentioned condition in that condition tab and it will prevent the task from running automatically.

Normally only a single condition named “Start the task only if the computer is on AC power” is ticked by the default so, uncheck whatever ticked.

 photo untick all tasks-min_zps5ka4bgyk.png

You can also disable the “Windows Defender Scheduled Scans” by right-clicking and select “Disable” button in that task scheduler window, but it isn’t that beneficial and I won’t suggest you to try it because it will stop all other Automatic Maintenance tasks who runs shortly after when your operating system starts.

If this changing condition setting isn’t helpful for you then you can move to the next solution listed below:

2# – Editing Defender’s Setting

 photo 09_gear_set-512_zpsps82ovli.pngWhen you’ve right click on that “Antimalware Service Executable” process in your task manager and select the open file location option, it will lead you to the file name “MsMpEng.exe” which is normally located in the Windows Defenders program files.

And that’s the file who’s creating this problem:

By given that file path in your defender’s “Excluded files and locations” setting, it will skip that location to scan, I’m suggesting this because, by some minor fault, it will start to scan itself and makes your computer hanged.

And yes it does happen:

So, let’s see how to find that file root directory and add it to the “Excluded files and locations” setting:

Step 1 Open your task manager and go the Process Tab In Windows 7 and Details Tab In Windows 8/10 to find that program current running process. That program’s name is listed as MsMpEng.exe with this problem’s service name in their description.

After that right click on that process and select “Open file location” option to open that file’s root directory.

 photo d0bfa402-7b36-4974-925b-f359d1dc41c6-min_zpsfnjxeskk.png

Step 2 – When the directory gets opened, then right click on the address bar at the top and click on copy to copy that directory path, what we also need in our next step.

 photo task schedular 56-min_zpsmgazgkxr.png

Step 3 – Now we need to enter that path in the Windows Defender to be aware of it to skip the scan. So, open your windows defender from the control panel.

So, open your Windows Defender from your Windows Control Panel.

 photo 123-min_zpsn8ytuyaw.jpg

Step 4 – After that go to the setting tab in that window and it will show you some basic setting options. Select the option named “Excluded files and location” and in the upper box, just paste or enter that path what we recently copied.

When you’ve done with pasting that directory path, click on the add button and then click on save changes to include that location in your defender.

After that restart your computer to see the changes and if this trick won’t works, just move to the next one.

 photo 5-min_zpspqjxy7p5.png

3# – Defender’s Disable By Regedit

Defender’s Antimalware Service mainly means that Windows Defender’s real-time protection is Turned ON and if both solutions from above can’t help you then it’s possible your defender got corrupted by being overworked due to continuously files scanning.

Sometimes it’s hard to disable our defender because it will start to work again without Turning it ON and making that hanged problem again and if you’re thinking about to delete that defender’s folder then during your next Windows Updates will bring it back again.

But by making some changes in your Windows Regedit you can easily disable your defenders permanently without any problem.

To Disable Windows Defender From Registry :

 photo wiseregistrycleaner-icon_zpsxoqqsevn.pngFirst, open your run commander by Pressing the Win+R key to bringing up the Run dialog box. After that type the run command ‘regedit’ and click on OK to open your Windows Registry Editor.

After that open the path where your defender’s registry is saved:

Here’s the path what you’ve need to open: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows Defender

 photo new regedit location-min_zpsw0zf5eup.png

Now right click on the blank space and select new and when it gives you more option then click on “create the DWORD key”. Make sure you do name your new key Called “DisableAntiSpyware”.

After that double click on your new key and set the value to 1 and that will disable your Windows Defender:

4# – If Problem Still Exist, Then. 

There are so many of different reasons what can happen to corrupts your windows registry and those are like, virus attack, installed spammy software etc. and due to corrupted registry some of the windows programs starts to do abnormal things.

So, I highly suggest you to use a registry cleaner to fix all corrupted registry, I only suggesting the cleaner because you can’t do it all manually.

If you don’t have any registry tuner or cleaner in your computer, then install a world’s best class cleaner in your PC to get the perfect performance. Here are two top rated software’s what I recommend to all my websites users as listed below.

1st Best – SpeedZooka Registry Cleaner

2nd Best – CCleaner Professional

 photo zookware-min_zpsckvx7lsu.png

5# – Windows Update

 photo Windows-Update-icon-by-Creato937-min_zps43uvn3ac.pngWindows update is also a great way to fix your windows defenders problem because this windows inbuilt tool will scan your computer and update all your windows corrupted files and also update with the latest ones. So, it’s better to use it even it takes your internet or time.

#What To Do After Fixing The Problem -> Use World Best Antivirus

If you’ve done successfully disabled your Windows Defender then now it’s pretty sure your computer is 100% unsafe because none of any program is scanning the spyware and malware kinds of stuff in your windows right now.

So, that’s why I’ll highly recommend you to install a world best antivirus In your computer to make it safe and secure.

 photo 486440-avast-internet-security-2016-main-window-min_zps0zjkvzwf.jpg

I’m using Avast Internet Security for myself and also suggest this to everybody who needs an antivirus for their computer as according to my experience. If you don’t wanna spend your money for some extra features then the Avast Standard version will definitely gonna works perfectly for you.

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