Fixing Laptop Overheating and Shutdown Problem

Most of the people just use their laptop on any surface where they just get some comfort in, and believe it or not but that does cause something which leads your laptop to get overheated when every time you started it to do some work on it.

The whole process starts when you make your laptop’s Fan to breathe the bad air, because people just put their laptop on any bed or blanket where all the tiny pieces of broken fabric and dust got sucked up by the Fan and get stick to the heatsink.

If the above-given story looks like a case of your own, then its 99% possible that your laptop is really dirty from the inside and creating the heat which leads your laptop to shut down automatically in every 5, 10 or 15 minutes after the startup.

And those who don’t know, overheating do cause some internal damage too if it isn’t get fixed recently. I’m only saying this because shutting the hardware down direly is one of the major reason who causes a full OS breakdown and maybe sometimes damages the hardware too.

#So, Lets Get to That Part of This Tutorial Where Ill Show You How to Fix Things Up;

Different people use different methods to fix the heating problem. Like most of will tell you to use an air compressor or some will tell you to put the metal pin into the laptop’s exhaust.

Now the main thing is, if you really are an enthusiast and searching for the easiest way to fix your laptop, then please don’t try to do any stupid thing on your precious device.

And the reason I told you so;

Air pressure can blow all the fluffy dust toward the Laptops’ FAN, which sometimes got stuck with it. And yes, stops the fan too.

In case if you didn’t open your laptop’s Fan properly, it will definitely make it faulty because of that continues power supply coming from the motherboard overheats the FAN’s Motor.

My point is, if you are not able to de-assemble your laptop then please don’t try to do some easy way to make thing worst.

#Now, We Have Two Best Ways to Fix the Fan’s Problem 

1st The Easy Way

In this easy way, you’ll just need to use a vacuum cleaner to pull out all the dust particles which were stuck in your laptops heatsink. And believe it or not, but it will hardly take 5 min of your important time and the best part is, you really don’t need to open your laptop.

Step 1 Find your laptop’s Fan location.

Step 2- Then, just use the vacuum cleaner to pull all the dust out from your laptop.

Step 3 Turn on your laptop and test it.

Here’s a great video I found on YouTube what you can see to make thing easier for you.

2nd The Hard Way

If the above solution didn’t work for you, then now the times comes when you really have to disassemble your laptop and clean the Fan manually by yourself. Most of the laptops Model doesnt require that must of the time, but in some laptops, youll do need to de-assemble the whole thing out.

Tip: The best way for a newbie to de-assemble the laptop is to watch a de-assembling tutorial video of your laptop on YouTube to do things it in the right way.

Step 1 First de-assemble your laptop to that point where you can easily access the Fan and the Heatsink.

Step 2 Then you’ll need to unscrew the heatsink from the CPU and then open the Fan Case.

Step 3 Now it’s the time to clean the dust. You can use some isopropyl alcohol-dipped cotton buds to clean up the whole fan.

Step 4 After that just put the fan back to its place and assemble the whole laptop back to its original state.

#What to Do If Laptop Still Heats Up

I know it’s kind of very annoying when you found that the dirt isn’t the only problem that your laptop is suffering from. You can also try to listen to the FAN’s Noise, just to confirm that it’s working properly or not. If Fan doesnt move, then just replace it with the new one.

Due to use, time & age, sometimes old Fan loose it’s speed strength and just because of that a lot of old laptop users having the overheating related problem with their Laptop. In that case, you can try to change your laptop’s Fan or maybe buy an external one.

“And that’s all for now, thanks for sticking with the article, and you know it will always good to let me know about the tutorial, in the comments down below.” 🙂


  1. Amazing post !! Thanks for sharing this post. Through this post user can easily fix the problem of laptop overheating as well as Sudden Shutdown Problem. I am facing same issues of my dell laptop and then i went through and you helped me a lot to fix my issues.


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