Fixing Laptop Overheating And Shutdown Problem

Sometimes this happens with most peoples their laptop shuts down when it get overheated even if they are doing some work or playing games on it. If you having this problem with you then its 99% possible your laptop is really dirty from the inside and creating heat which leads your laptop to shutdown autumnally in every 5, 10 or 15 minutes.

Heating cause the internal damage to your laptop’s hardware and by shutting down or turning off hardware direly can prevent your hardware to get damaged and that’s why your laptop turn’s off directly to save itself and it’s also necessary to do that for the laptop.

Normally laptop heats because of heat sink blockage, or a broken cooling fan. Sometimes laptops fan isn’t able to work perfectly due to blockage of dust in the heat sink and that dust blocks the cool air to pass between the heat sink. If that cooling process stops or slows down then your computer starts to heat up slowly and shuts down directly.

To fix this problem there are two ways to do it by yourself –

  1. Easy way
  2. Hard way

Easy way

In this easy way, we’ll gonna use a vacuum cleaner to pull out all the dust which was stucked in your laptop’s heatsink and that will take only 2 min to fix your laptop and the best part is you’ll don’t have to open your laptop.

Step 1 – Find your laptop’s fan location.

Step 2- Use the vacuum cleaner to pull all the dust out.

Step 3 – Turn on your laptop and test it.

If that won’t works for you then you should move on to our next solution given below.

Hard Way

If the above solution didn’t work for you, then now you’ll need to disassemble your laptop and clean the fan manually. To do this I’ll suggest you to see the disassembling tutorial video of your laptop on the internet to do it in a right way and I highly prefer you to search the disassembly video of your laptop on YouTube because on YouTube there are the variety of videos to show you how to do it practically.

Step 1 – Disassemble Your Laptop.

Step 2 – Locate the fan, unplug the fan power and remove the fan from the laptop.

Step 3 – Clean the dust.

Step 4 – Put the fan back to their place and attaches its power connect to the motherboard.

Step 5 – Test the fan is working or not before assembling, yes you can do that too if you’re able to or otherwise leave this testing thing.

If the fan doesn’t move then you having a faulty fan in your laptop, replace it with new one:

Step 6 – Assemble back your computer and Work On!!!!


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