Recover Hidden Data Or Shortcut Files Data From A Virus Infected Pendrive

“Viruses” we all hate this name because a virus is the only program who corrupt our data and spread like an infection in our computer. We all are familiar with these kinds of viruses who corrupt, hide and delete our important data and that’s the reason why you are searching for, to fix this problem.

I know this time your pen drives or flash drive definitely got infected by the viruses and your computer doesn’t showing you any bit of your data or maybe it will showing you some shortcut folder listed named exist like your previous folder names and the worst part is you can’t access your data in those shortcut folder. If you have this kind of problem, then go to your Pendrive properties and confirm that does your Pendrive use the storage space or not. If your drive using the storage space that means your data is just hidden by the virus and you can able to retrieve that with the help of this tutorial. If your drive using 0 disk space and also shows you empty, that means the virus does delete your files and now you’ve lost every bit of it. In that case, you can use the data recovery software to retrieve your data back to your computer.

So now the question is “how can I recover my hidden data?” don’t worry about it because now I’m going to show you how you can easily recover your files which were hidden by the Trojan virus.

Before you’ve starting anything I suggest you to download the latest antivirus software and scan your full system to remove the virus completely because if you didn’t remove it that virus will definitely infect your computer slowly day by day and corrupt all of your data in the end.

So Let’s Recover Your Data

Step 1 – Connect Your Pendrive

The first step is to connect your Pendrive to the computer.


Step 2 – Finding files

Now we are going to change the computer permissions to unhide my files because the Trojan virus changes your file registry and convert your file as a protected operation system file.

  • Click on organize and select the “Folder and Search Options”.
  • Un-Tick the “Hide Protected Operating System Files” in the View tab.

  • Select the “Show Hidden Files, Folder, And Drive”
  • Click on Apply and then Ok

After that, you will able your see your hidden files just like mine.

Step 3 – Unhide files

After you’ve finding you files now it’s time to unhide it. To unhide your file first you’ll have to open you cmd, as an administrator.

To start a command prompt as an administrator (alternative method)

  • Click Start.
  • In the Start Search box, type cmd, and then press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER.

Now your cmd is opened, then type your drive letter (Pendrive drive letter) into it.

After that type this command and hit enter.

Now my file is fully unhidden & I can access it. If you have lots of files hidden then type this command for every folder and CMD will unhide it for you.

Step 4 – Undo System Setting

Now turn back your system default settings by click on restore default in the “Folder and Search Options”.

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