Beginning Dump Of Physical Memory Error – Solved

No matter you are using an old or a new computer but at some point you really get this “Dumping physical memory Error” on your computer’s screen, and it’s all possible that this error occurs in the middle of installing Windows & Software, or while playing games, or maybe while in between some of your important processing work.

Sometimes this error shows up and your computer just restart, and sometimes this error will freeze your screen until you turned off or restart your computer. I know it is really annoying, and that the main reason why I made this tutorial to show you, how you can easily get rid of this blue screen dump of physical memory error out from your computer.

This is how your physical memory dump error looks like –
“Collection data for crash dump …

Initializing disk for crash dump …
Beginning dump of physical memory. 
Dumping physical memory to disk 100”

“Beginning Dump Of Physical Memory” is actually a BSOD or I can say Blue Screen Of Death error and you know what, there are so many different reasons why you’re getting this error on your computer and you can also check out all reasons as mentioned below in this article.

The main thing which I wanted to make you to clear about this physical dump error is, this blue screen error is not like the other BSOD’s because in this error it’s possible that your computer’s problem is might related to your PC’s RAM (Memory), and there is around 20% of possibilities that your ram got faulty too, and you’ll need to replace in order to fix your Desktop or Laptop PC.

But I think you really don’t have to worry about it because this error also 80% related to your Windows or Windows Drivers corruption, and the best part is, in that 20% faulty ram possibility, around 18% of faulty ram can be fixable. Pretty Good Right!!

So, now you’ll just need to stick with this tutorial and you’ll definitely going to fix your computer by your own.

Here’s The List Of Possible Reasons Why You’re Getting This Error On Your Computer’s Screen And Those Are:

  • Windows Got Corrupted
  • Windows Registry Got Corrupted
  • Windows Drivers Got Outdated Or Corrupted
  • Ram Got Faulty
  • BIOS Got Corrupted (Rare Case)

As now you know, there are 5 possible reasons why you are getting this BSOD dump and the thing is, I really don’t know which one of reason is creating the problem on your computer and that’s the reason why you’ll need to follow and try numbers of possible troubleshooting steps on your computer which I’m all going to show you in this tutorial and I know for sure, in between all those given solutions there is definitely a one which can really help you out to repair this problem and make anything back to normal in your computer.

Now you’ll just need to follow every step one by one which I suggested below until you’ve fixed this issue on your own;

Checkup 1 – “Windows, Registry, & Drivers” Repair and Update

Just like I said, its 80% possible that this problem is related to your Windows Operating System and most of the times, Corrupted Windows Registry or Drivers is the main reason why you are suffering from this problem. Repairing your Windows Registry, Drivers or maybe some other important OS files is really an easy task to do and you’ll just need to follow some couple of following solution, which you can all find in the link given below.

Just follow all the advanced solutions which I’m all listed in that article, except reinstalling windows and come back if none of those solutions works for you. And again, don’t install windows without taking the ram test which I’m also suggested in the second checkup of this article what you are reading right now.

Link: >> Steps To Fix BSOD, All Advanced Solution Listed.

Checkup 2 – Troubleshoot and Repair Ram Problem

If all the listed solutions in that link what I suggest doesn’t work for you, then maybe it’s possible that your computer’s Ram isn’t working properly. The main reason for a Ram to create some kind of problem like this is high Ram usage by your Operating System, or maybe it’s also possible that your motherboard’s Ram Slot got dirty and creating a loose connection between your Ram and the Motherboard.

So, now you’ll need to follow the another link given below and test your Computer’s Ram to find out, it is working properly or not, and in case if your ram failed the test then you can also try to clean your computers Ram by using an eraser and the Ram’s Slot by using a soft toothbrush.

If your computer is having 2 Ram installed in it and the ram test shows you some kind of error, then you can try to remove one of your computers ram and try to take the ram test again, if it fails, then again run the ram test with the the another RAM. You can also try to change the Ram slot too.

Link >>Ram Test = How to Test PC Ram Is Working Properly or Not ?

Note: If anything won’t works for you even after following the ram test link, then I think now you should need to move on to the next checkup and don’t even think about to buy a new ram until you find, it’s definitely a ram problem.

Checkup 3 – Make a Research on Your Memory’s Dump error 

Before replacing your ram there is one more thing which I want you to do for your computer and that thing is, do some deep internet research for your dump’s error message. I’m only suggesting you this because this physical memory dump error is a BSOD and every BSOD’s error having its own error code and by searching that error code on the internet you can easily find, what is causing this problem besides all the above ones which I suggested.

The Error code seems to look like as given in the example picture below, and in case if you can’t able to find anything useful, then before replacing your ram you can also try to reinstall your computers Windows.


  1. i have discovered 2 working ways.
    1. you just press f8 on boot and choose the last known good and it will delete whatever updates you made that is making your computer have that blue screen continuously.

    2. if the above did not work for you then check if you install 2 antiviruses they will conflict and you always face a blue screen of death as soon as it gets ton the desktop on boot. in this case press f8 on boot again and boot in safe mode. go ahead to the control panel uninstall the antivirus and boot again. Good luck.

  2. so my son unplugged it as soon as he saw the error. Now the entire thing is unresponsive. The power button is flashing yellow. It wont force stop and wont start back up. windows xp


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