Fixing Beginning Dump Of Physical Memory Blue Screen Error - BSOD

Imagine this: You’re all into setting up Windows or some super important software, deep into gaming, or hustling hard on your work when BAM! Outta nowhere, your screen pulls a surprise move and hits you with the nerve-wracking “Beginning Dump Of Physical Memory Error”. It’s like that annoying guest crashing your party uninvited—totally kills the vibe.

The physical memory dump isn’t just some spooky message flashing on your screen; it’s the notorious Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD). This error can pop up for tons of reasons; it doesn’t care if your PC is old or brand spanking new.

Sometimes, this error’s a prankster—suddenly restarting your computer with zero heads-up. Other times, it’s a bit more evil, freezing your screen till you’re forced to shut down or restart your system.

This is what a physical memory dump error looks like:


“Collection data for crash dump …

Initializing disk for crash dump …

Beginning dump of physical memory. 

Dumping physical memory to disk 100

Physical memory dump completed.

Contact your system admin or technical support group for futher assistance.


Beginning Dump Of Physical Memory Blue Screen Error

The saga of tackling the dreaded ‘Beginning Dump Of Physical Memory’ error commences with your computer diligently gathering essential data. Think of it as the computer’s meticulous librarian, meticulously collecting every vital tidbit, making space in its digital library.

Once the prep work is done and everything’s primed, our trusty computer sets off on its grand quest—to capture a snapshot of its current state. This intricate process is fondly called ‘dumping physical memory to disk.’ And as this high-stakes operation unfolds, users are often greeted with the encouraging message ‘Dumping physical memory to disk 100%’, a sign that the critical task is in the bag

So, Why Is It Happening?

Unlike others, this error isn’t merely a sign of trouble within the operating system. No, no! It might stealthily whisper about a glitch dwelling within your computer’s hardware too.

But fret not! About 80% of the time, this error stems from a mischief within your Windows Operating System or a hiccup in those Hardware Drivers. The silver lining? These troubles often bid farewell with troubleshooting wizardry or by mending the software responsible for this vexing issue.

However, behold the 20% horizon—a realm where hardware damage reigns supreme. Rare, yet imperative to acknowledge! This fraction hints at potential physical damage to your computer’s beloved components.

However, don’t worry! Within the array of solutions provided here, there’s undoubtedly one that will effectively help you rectify this problem and get your computer back to its normal operation. Just stick with the instructions laid out here, and you’ll soon pinpoint the solution that fits your scenario perfectly, giving you the confidence to take charge and resolve the issue yourself.

Here is a list of potential reasons for the error appearing on your computer screen;searching-for answer-toon

  • First off, your primary OS drive (usually the C:\ drive) gasping for space. Yep, that’s one major culprit! Not enough room there can send your system into a tailspin, triggering that pesky error.
  • Then there’s the classic clash between recent Windows updates and your faithful installed programs or drivers. Sometimes, these updates and your tech buddies just don’t get along. Uninstalling that troublemaker update might just bring peace back to your digital kingdom.
  • Ah, the villains of the virtual world – viruses and malware. They sneak in, wreak havoc, and before you know it, your system’s crying out with the “dumping physical memory” error. Sneaky little devils, aren’t they?
  • Corrupted Windows system files are like the silent troublemakers. You won’t know they’re there until chaos erupts – blue screen and all. These files throw a wrench in your system’s gears, causing all sorts of havoc.
  • Outdated or corrupted Hardware & Windows related Drivers also have a knack for stirring the pot. Picture this: an old, grumpy driver causing a ruckus in your system’s stability. Not a pretty sight, right?
  • And then, the real troublemakers – faulty RAM or a wonky primary storage drive. These guys throw a spanner in the works, causing memory-related errors and triggering that whole “dumping physical memory” process.
  • Wait, there’s more! Sometimes, the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) gets all jumbled up too. It’s like the conductor gone rogue, messing up the orchestra. A corrupted BIOS can send your system into a wild frenzy.

So, How Do You Fix It?

To tackle and resolve the perplexing ‘Beginning Dump Of Physical Memory’ error, I’ve meticulously crafted a comprehensive, user-friendly, step-by-step guide. By referring to the suggested articles listed below, you can effortlessly follow the detailed instructions outlined in the guide. Each step has been carefully curated to provide clear, concise, and actionable solutions aimed at resolving the error.


  1. i have discovered 2 working ways.
    1. you just press f8 on boot and choose the last known good and it will delete whatever updates you made that is making your computer have that blue screen continuously.

    2. if the above did not work for you then check if you install 2 antiviruses they will conflict and you always face a blue screen of death as soon as it gets ton the desktop on boot. in this case press f8 on boot again and boot in safe mode. go ahead to the control panel uninstall the antivirus and boot again. Good luck.

  2. so my son unplugged it as soon as he saw the error. Now the entire thing is unresponsive. The power button is flashing yellow. It wont force stop and wont start back up. windows xp


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