All Working Solution To Fix Critical_Structure_Corruption BSOD

Critical Structure Corruption is an error of blue screen of death, which also known for its bug check error name of “0x00000109”.

The main reason behind this error is, that the kernel has detected critical kernel code or data corruption.

Those who don’t know;

The kernel is a crucial part of an OS. It mainly controls the tasks of your computer & its hardware – particularly RAM and CPU time.

There are two types of kernels: A microkernel, which only contains basic functionality; A monolithic kernel, which contains many drivers.

At the end, basically, it’s a Hardware, Software & any kinds of Drivers related problem, which actually can’t be able to identify easily.

So, that’s why the person who’s having this problem, kind of need to try most of the possible solutions, just to fix this little problem.

#But, Let’s Make It Easy;

To fix this problem, first, you’ll need to understand the situation and the condition of your computer, I’m only saying this because people get this problem in two different conditions;

Yes, cuz it’s 100% possible that some of you having this problem while working on your computer or maybe some of you having this problem while in between the startup of your Windows Computer or Laptop.

And that’s the reason why I divided the solutions section of this tutorial into two different parts, not just that I also mentioned only those solutions, who works, just to make things a lot more easier.

So, let’s see the solutions now.

Note: Of Course Yes! You can skip the first Condition if you are having the second one.

Condition No.1 – What To Do – If Error Shows Up On The Startup Of The Windows

If that’s the condition with you, then it’s quite possible that some of your Windows Drivers is causing the problem and which prevents the OS to starts in a normal way.

You know, you can also try to open a computer in the Safe Mode too and that’s how your windows can able to start, without starting any driver or a program, which most of the times works.

So, now you’ll just need to press the F8 key again and again on your computer while on the system’s startup, and it will bring up the menu like this, where you can select the “Safe Mode” to open up your Windows:

To Know More Click Here >> Safe Mode – What It Is And How To Use It?

In case, if you successfully able to open your computer in Safe Mode, then now you’ll need to skip some paragraphs and move the “Condition no.2..”;

Because now your windows is opened and that’s the part where I listed the solutions to fix the problem while working on the system.

If not, then sadly Yes, I know;

In Windows 10 & 8, the Safe Mode Option (which is mainly available by the Advanced Boot Option just like what you can see in the Windows 7) is disabled by the default.

And not just Windows 10 & 8 users, cuz sometimes it’s possible that the some of the Windows 7 and Vista users, still aren’t able to open their computer in the Safe mode too;

And it’s all happening just because of the bad situation of their Operating System’s files.

So, whatever the condition is with you, the thing which you can do is fix this problem in this situation, is fixing it by taking the help of the Windows Startup Repair Tool.

Which can fix most of the startup-related problem just in a couple of minutes, but finding the OS disc gets messy sometimes; Click here to know more about >> “Startup Repair – What It Is And How To Use It?.

Link: What’s “Startup Repair” And “Automatic Repair” Feature in Windows 8 and Windows 10?

And that will fix, most of the times.

If nothing works then the last thing what you can do is to reinstall your OS, but I think you can also give it a try to this trick too, “Trick:How To Fix “Startup Repair Cannot Repair This Computer Automatically” Problem? before reinstalling the OS;

And most of the time that will work too, Or otherwise, Click Here To See >> How To Install Windows?

Condition No.2 – What To Do – If Error Shows Up While Working On Windows

I know it’s also happened a lot, once, I also got this ‘Critical Structure Corruption’ problem on my laptop too, on my laptop, it was just a corrupted old outdated Ntfs.sys Driver, which I actually fixed it quickly;

Because, the cause of the problem is listed right beside on the error’s name, as you can see in the screenshot given below:

And In case, if your error also shows you some drivers name listed on the right-hand side of this error’s name, then the best thing is;

You’ll definitely going to fix this problem quickly on your PC because now you can search that driver’s name on the Drivers Directory to find the exact detail about that driver who’s listed beside the error’s name.

Here’s the Link of the Drivers Directory ->

In my condition, I searched for “NTFS.SYS”;

And found, it’s a Windows internal update file which I fixed by just update my windows to the latest, which you can also do it too.

But make sure you only do it if you found the Source listed as “Windows Update” in the red color, or otherwise, in case if you found something like this by the searching the driver’s name:

Then, in that case, you can try to update your Windows too, but it might possible that the Windows Update Center will not fix it up;

I’m only saying this because as you can see, the source column of the above example picture is mentioned some detail about a driver, what actually is in the picture is the Video Drivers.

And the difference is in this type of driver is, that it’s not a Windows file and it mainly needs to be installed by the users- end.

So, the point is;

Just update the driver whatever the type of you found, If its shows “Windows Update” in the red color then just update your Windows and if it shows some driver’s detail other than windows, then just update that computer drivers and that’s it.

Sometimes It’s also possible that updating drivers won’t works, or maybe it’s also quite possible too that your error message doesn’t have any driver’s name listed on it.

#So, What’s To Do In Both Of Those Conditions?

Ans. The registry is the main key for your whole windows working and performance, due to poor computer system maintenance, you may experience Registry issues and later on lead to various computers error, including this Critical Structure Corruption error.

To fix the registry issue you’ll need to buy some best in class registry cleaner to repair and clean the bad values from the registry database.

All the working Registry Cleaner are only available in the paid version but before spending your money;

But first, I want you to fix the registry issue by using your Windows Command Prompt because most of the times this problem get fixed by just putting a single command in the CMD and then you don’t even have to buy anything.

  • So, Open CMD, as an administrator.
  • Then type the command “Sfc /Scannow” and hit enter. Make sure you don’t close this CMD window until the verification gets 100% completed.
  • Restart your computer and test it, if the blue screen was gone, then that’s good, if don’t, then I think now you should need to buy a Registry Cleaner for your OS.

If you don’t have any registry tuner or cleaner in your computer, then install a best in class cleaner in your PC to get the perfect performance and an error free system’s lifespan.

Here Are Two Top Rated Software’s What I Recommend To All My Websites Guest Users As Listed Below:

After downloading the registry cleaner, just click on the scan button which will automatically start the full system scan and after that, it will show you every little problem what it found in your computer.

Helpful Link: What’s A Good Registry Cleaner And How It Helps?

#What To Do If Nothing Works?

Just like the said, this problem can also be occurred because of some minor fault in the computer’s hardware, and most of the times it’s the Ram who’s creating the problem.

So, you can also try to do ram test “Ram Test = How To Test PC Ram Is Working Properly Or Not?and after that, in case, if you found something bad in your ram;

And you know, you can also quickly fix it by just cleaning it >> How to Clean a Ram Stick?

At last, just reinstall your Windows if nothing works at all;

Click Here To See >> How To Install Windows?



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