The MEMORY_MANAGEMENT is a blue screen of death error name and it’s also known for its bug check value of 0x0000001A.

The main reason behind this error to come up on your computer’s screen is that a severe memory management error occurred.

For those who don’t know, memory management is the route of directing and organizing PC’s memory like, allocating portions called blocks to different processing programs to boost whole computer’s performance.

Memory management mainly found in hardware, operating system, programs, and applications.

If this problem occurs in your computers that means there is something happening to your Programs, OS, & Hardware’s Memory Management subsystem and to identify that you’ll need to troubleshoot your computer by checking all these three things (Software, OS, & Hardware).

Now I’m gonna list all the working solutions what I’ve found to fix this error and you’ll just need to follow all given steps one by one until you fix your problem.

First Thing First

So, in this First Thing, I’m gonna suggest you to “UNDO all Recent Changes”.

Yes, if you recently have done something with your computer like installed some new software, new hardware or maybe made some new changes in your bios, then now you should probably undo all that things back to the previous stage including whatever you have done with your computer.
I’m only suggesting you this because sometimes your computer won’t be able to support some new setting or kinds of stuff and creating these type of blue screen errors and you know by just doing this simple undo task will fix your 0x0000001A BSOD error completely.

Most of the times this error showed up after when we install a new ram stick in our computer and if that’s the condition with you then it’s 99% possible the ram what you’re using isn’t compatible with your motherboard or maybe the ram slot is dirty and doesn’t able to make a good connection between your ram and the motherboard.

You can also try to clean your ram and the ram slot both and believe it or not but that will help most of the times. Here’s’ the link to show you, how to do that? >>>>> How to Clean a Ram Stick ?

Solution No. 1 – Troubleshooting At Application Level

At the application level, memory management includes providing the memory required for a program’s objects and data structures from the restricted resources accessible and reutilizing that memory for reprocessing when it is no longer mandatory.

At Application level memory management includes two related jobs, first “Memory Allocation” and second “Memory Recycling” and in between these two jobs, if someone’s got malfunctioning due to whatever the reason is, your OS may fail to work and showing you some sort of error like this MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSOD.

Mainly there are three reasons behind this BSOD at Application Level –

1. Overclocking – Overclocking is the action of increasing a component’s clock rate, running it at a higher speed than it was designed to run.

And if you do installed some software or make some recent changes in your computer’s bios to overclock your system’s performance, then I highly recommend you to make it back to normal or otherwise you’ll seeing this error every time when your system’s performance gets fluctuate.

2. Corrupted Software – if you’re getting this error while working on some particular software or maybe on a game then it’s possible that game or maybe that software what you’re using got corrupted too.

And yes it can happen due to virus and malware.

In that condition, you can try to reinstall that software or game and see that’s gonna works again or not. Even after reinstalling, that software still getting this error then you can move to the next solution listed down below.

3. Incompatible Software – If you having this problem after installing a new software then it’s also possible that software is not fully compatible with your version of windows or maybe hardware drivers.

So, make sure you’re using a compatible one.

Solution No. 2 – Troubleshooting At OS Level

At Operating System level, memory management involves the distribution and the constant reorganization of particular memory blocks to separate programs as operator demands change. There are some of the different reasons which can cause memory management at OS level and those are be like:

  • Drivers Corruption
  • Windows Registry Corruption
  • Windows Corruption

And to repair all these thing I’ve made another tutorial linked below to show to how to fix it and you’ll just need to try the given steps from 1st to 4th because I don’t want to you reinstall your windows because I have still more tricks to try to fix this error, but first try to do what that article says.

LINK >>How To Fix BSOD – Blue Screen Of Death ?<<

Solution No. 3 – Troubleshooting At Hardware Level

At the hardware level, memory management is anxious with the computer devices who really store information like your computer’s ram and caches memory.

So, if you can’t find anything useful from all above solutions then maybe it’s quite possible your computer’s ram got faulty. I can’t say it 100% because it’s possible your operating system got corrupted too and that’s why I want you to do two professional things which can surely fix your PC.

And Two Things Are:

  • Ram Test
  • Windows Restore/Reinstall


It’s possible your computers ram might get faulty too and if that’s happening with your computer then the first thing you’ll need to do is to test your PC’s ram to find out, does your PC’s ram is the reasons for this error to came up on the screen or maybe it just some another system fault.

There are so many ways to check our ram is working properly or not by just using some software or maybe our windows features.

Given link below will helps you test your ram professionally.


If you found something problem in your ram then you can try to clean your ram first, before replacing it. And this link will help you out to show you how to do that >>Click Here<<

#At Last

System Restore – Restoring window will restore your windows files back to normal, only if you’ve created a restore point at past. If you don’t think you’ve created any, then it’s better to check that or otherwise you’ll have to install a new window on your computer.

Windows install– If the windows restore won’t works either then it’s better to reinstall your windows and you can check out our windows installation tutorial below if you find your problem can be solved by reinstalling windows.



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