Ram Test – Explained With Procedure

RAM (Random Access Memory) is a system memory where your computer read and write the process data at the same speed, it can helps your computer to perform better and fast in order to provide performance to the user.

If your Desktop/Laptop is working slow or lagging or if some applications are running slowly, then it’s possible you might not have enough RAM in your computer system for running that application.

Sometimes due to power fluctuation, forcefully power termination of computer & age of ram can cause some fault in ram’s inbuilt hardware and starst to occuring problems like computer freeze and a sudden computer restart during some work.

A bad memory module (RAM) can cause unpredictable behavior in a Windows system, including the dreaded blue screen of death.

 photo softwaretesting_zpswjk7bhkq.png

Note: Before testing your memory, if you have recently added any new memory with the old one into your computer’s motherboard then I’ll highly suggest you temporarily remove the new one to make sure it is not the one who causing this issue, only if you have one.

# Symptoms

It is not too easy to diagnose a RAM problem instantly in a computer system because most of the Personal Computers have multiple numbers of RAM stick presented in the motherboard and it is not possible that all of RAM stick will stop working at the same time or at once.

When in a computer system one of the RAM stick fails to work then its possible the others RAM stick wont work properly and a variety of odd behaviors will start to occur. its happen only because all the ram sticks are working together. so, if you’re having more than one ram in your computer then make sure you do remove all the other rams and only test one single ram at a time.

A bad or faulty ram can cause more trouble that you think. Here’s below a list of the problems what a ram can cause if it’s faulty or dead.

  1. Instant Computer freeze while working or maybe on your computers startup.
  2. Instant Computer restarts without pressing the reset button.
  3. Windows Boot problem.
  4. BSOD(Blue Screen Stop Error) on the screen while working or system startup.
  5. NO display on computer’s startup.

If you’re suffering from one of these listed problem given above, then now it’s time to test your ram is working proper or not. At below in this tutorial, I wrote all of my great ways to test a ram in a proper way and also mention some of troubleshooting tricks to fix your computer if you find your ram is dead/faulty.

So Lets Start

Normally Windows provides some utility software’s including a memory testing tool of its own and other than that there are also numbers of third-party software available too to test your PC’s ram.

Note: If you’ve find or detected some problem which likely related to your computers ram, then the first thing you should try to fix the problem on your own by reseating the RAM modules in their slots before replacing them, because it might be possible that the RAM is just not placed or fix in the slots properly. After verifying or placing RAM stick properly in the slots and still isn’t working, then replace the RAM stick with new one.                 

# Ram testing

Checkup 1 – Ram usage (For Running OS Computers)

First, we are testing our ram by checking its running status in our operating system by the help of performance analytics tool which you can find in the task manager of your windows.

To check the ram usage, open your task manager by right clicking on your windows task bar and when it opens check the memory usage graph in the performance tab.

 photo open task manager-min_zps4dobdmm0.jpg

Note: If your windows or another OS is not in running condition then you should skip this “Checkup 1” and move on to “Checkup 2” because this one is for running operating system.

Now Click On Performance Tab:

High Ram Usage With Work Load  If your computers use the ram usage above the 90% while working and you got the blue screen or any other ram problem that means you should upgrade your computers and laptop ram because your computer might need’s the more ram to handle that workload what you’re giving to your system.

High Ram Usage Without Work Load – If your computer usage is going higher without any of workload and you see one of bad ram symptoms then it’s probably not a ram problem because sometimes corrupted windows can cause this types of problem too.

So, you can try to reinstall your windows to test does this problem comes from your ram or from windows (OS).

Before you’re going to reinstall your windows, first I would recommend you to try our next ram testing checkup because installing windows is so much work to do and wasting time for a bad ram isn’t worth it.

So, stick with our next checkup and the test will definitely confirm you about your ram problem.

Low Or Normal Ram Usage And Still Creating Problem – if that’s the condition with you then maybe it’s possible your ram is having some trouble in it. So, let’s continue to our next step to test it properly with the help of windows utility software.

Checkup 2 – Ram testing by Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool:

This Window memory Diagnostics Tool is the Pre-installed memory testing software what you can found in your Windows Vista, Window 7, Windows 8 or 8.1 & Windows 10 (not in XP).

To start this feature in your windows, you’ll need to type a single command on your windows run commander and the command be like: “Mdsched”

So, Press windows key + letter ‘R’ key to open run command and type “Mdschedand then hit enter:

 photo run command for ram tester-min_zpsq8p3lbbi.png

After that the Window memory Diagnostics Tool will open up and shows you two options to choose:

 photo windows memory diagnostic tool-min_zps6acsrvvz.png

Now it’s on you to select what suits your conditions and right after when your windows restart you will able to see your screen like this:

 photo mem-diag-5-min_zpsjadgafcd.png

#Recommended 3rd Party Software For Non-Running OS Pc’s

By Memtest86:

Memtest86 is great utility software made by Pass Mark® Software which can run a boot memory test to identify any type of ram problem on any computer or laptop. You can download this free bootable software by the given link below and by just following the on-screen instruction you can successfully test your ram even your windows or I say operating system isn’t in running condition.

>>Memtest86 Download <<<

I suggest minimum 5 pass and maximum 10 passes to identify your ram is working in great condition or not:

If you see any of the blue screen or red line error between the running Memory Test that means you having a problem with your ram stick and your ram might need to get replace.

#Troubleshoot Ram Problem

If you’ve found the bad or faulty ram memory of your computer then it will be better to replace that memory with another one.

It should be noted that if your old ram memory works well in another computer system without any interruption or maybe your own computer still having the same problem with the new ram memory that means you’re likely encountering a motherboard, PSU, or other hardware issue.

There are two more things what you can do to fix your ram and those are “Ram Cleaning” and “Changing Ram Slot”

Ram Cleaning & Slot Exchanging – If you have two rams installed in your computer then take out all of your rams from the motherboard and place only one ram into the slot for testing pourpose, if you are able to use your computer without any problem that means your another ram is faulty buy a new one. If the problem still exists then try to do the above procedure with the other ram and also in the other ram Slot.

If that won’t work, remove the RAM from it slot, clean it and place it back properly.

>>How to Clean a Ram Stick properly?<<

If the cleaning procedure still doesn’t work for you either, then changing new ram is an only option you can do to fix your computer from this ram problem. Listed link below will helps you to install a new ram.

>>How to Install a Ram in Desktop ?
>>How to Install Laptop’s RAM ?

#Some Other Ram Or Memory Testing Software And Hardware Tool

There are many software programs which are designed to test your computer’s hardware, including the computer’s memory hardware tool:

Memtest86: – Our recommendation for testing computer memory, Memtest86 is an x86 compatible, free memory tester. It is the best alternative for testing bad memory.

MemTest86  helps to check faulty RAM. As such it’s also used by computer system builders, PC repair stores, overclockers & PC manufacturers.

 photo Memtest86-screenshot-min_zpslinrjb1v.png

DocMemory – DocMemory is another great software solution to test the status and resolve the issues of your computer’s memory.

 photo docmemory-min_zps3cnlednb.jpg

Memory testers (Hardware) – There are many different ways that companies choose for different hardware solution of testing a memory of the computer.  This is the highest quality methods for testing memory, but likely only to be used by a computer service center because of its cost.

 photo ramcheck_lx_ddr3_ddr2_zpsg02di28l.jpg

PC-doctor – Another great, but also an expensive solution which is used by service centers and technicians to diagnose computer hardware issues including memory issues.

PC Diagnostics – Another company that offers both hardware and software solutions for testing so many issues with hardware and memory of the computer system.

Ultra-X – Another great collection of products which help to find out hardware issues, that can help you to test computer hardware including memory.

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