Find And Download Our Computer, Laptop, Printer & Pc Hardware Drivers?

If you are searching for your laptops, desktop’s, printer’s scanner’s, webcam’s and blah blah blah drivers whatever the computer’s accessories you having, then I’m pretty sure going to help you out by this tutorial.

I know for sure you are wondering about why we need to install our computer’s drivers or what are those drivers do in our computer? The answer is, just like a car needs a driver to move, your computer hardware also needs a driver to run itself properly.

Some of the hardware comes with automatic drivers installation like your pen drive, hard drive etc. but some of the hardware requires to install their drivers manually to perform itself.

I think now you should know well about why we need drivers to install in our computer:

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how you can easily find your computer’s hardware drivers to install or update them quickly.

There are only two ways to install your computer driver, which are –

  1. Download from manufacture website.
  2. Use 3rd party software

Download From Manufacture Website

By searching your hardware’s model no. into manufacturer’s website support center can easily find your latest driver to download.

Some of the companies also provide you automatic driver installation, they’ll give you a software to run in your computer which will auto-detect your product and gives you a list of driver what you’ve need to download or install.

Here is list of some company’s driver support portal to show you an example how your manufacture’s website looks like.

HP (Hewlett-Packard) Drivers………

Compaq Drivers –……….support.html

Dell Drivers –……….drivers

Sony Drivers –……computer

Use 3rd Party Software

Sometimes it’s very hard to find our computer’s drivers on manufacture’s website because mostly those companies stops supporting their old products or sometimes we got confused to know, what to do or where to click on their website, that’s why we are using 3rd party software to find and install our hardware’s supported drivers easily and I’m going to show you a great software which can help you a lot with your driver problem and the best part is, you don’t need to go visit the manufacturer website or pay some money to download the supports drivers.

We are using driver identifier to show you how you can easily find your drivers. Actually, we are using driver identifier because it’s freeware (which we all like) and this software will find all of your computer’s hardware drivers, like printers driver, scanner driver, webcam drivers and lots more. It will scan your computer and give you the list of drivers what you’ve need or what your computer wants to update.

So Let’s See How To Use Driver Identifier

Step 1 – Download

First, you’ll have to download the driver identifier from the official website of driver identifier, here’s a quick link to download  >>>>

Click on “Save” button to save that file on your computer:

Step 2 – Installation

After the download completes, double click on the file driveridentifier_setup.exe in your downloads folder.

You’ll just have to do next, next and finish and That’s it.

Step 3 – Scanning

Now open your Driver Identifier and click on “Scan Drivers” to start the hardware scanning.

Step 4 – Download Drivers

Now you will see your browser is open to shows you the list of your hardware’s supported drivers.

Click on download or update to download that particular driver.


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