If your computer shows you to fix drivers of your windows or your windows apps did crashes sometimes, then it’s all happening because of missing, corrupted and non-installed drivers of your computer’s hardware.

Mostly the corrupted drivers come from the windows update because the update won’t pick up the best drivers for your computer and it’s better to fix it up quickly to make your computer stable for work.

I know it pretty sure you do wondering about why we need to install our computer’s drivers or what are those drivers do in our computer?

The answer is, just like a car needs a driver to move, your computer hardware also needs a driver to run itself properly. Some of the hardware comes with automatic drivers installation like your pen drive, hard drive etc. but some of the hardware requires to install their drivers manually to perform and run itself.

So, I think now you should know well about, why do we need drivers to install in our computer.

In the tutorial, I’ll show you how you can easily and automatically install your laptops and desktops drivers and fix the problem what was comes from the corrupted drivers.

We are using software named DPS (Driver Pack Solution). DPS is a software which provides you a free Drivers upgradations or Automatic driver installation service without any cost to pay and the best part is, it’s completely free and easy to use.

This a best software to use after installing a new windows and it will install all of your computer’s drivers automatically by some simple clicks.

So, let’s see

Step 1 – Download Driverpack Solution

The first thing you have to do is, download the Driver Pack Solution software. I prefer you to download the software through the torrent because it’s safe and the quickest way to download this software.

Official website linkLink – http://drp.su/download.htm

If you don’t want to download these heavy files then we have an another tutorial to show you how to do it in more easy way. You can check out this tutorial link below.

>>>>How to Find and download your computer hardware Driver ?<<<<

Step 2 – Extract the .iso file

Now extract the .iso file what you’ve downloaded and open the Driver Pack Solution Software. You can use WinRAR, 7zip etc. to extract the iso file.

Step 3 – Scan Your Computer Drivers.  

After opening the software, Driver Pack will scan your computer’s hardware to install the correct drivers for your computer.

After the scanning completes Driver Pack shows you the no. of drivers that can be able to upgrade to newer version.

Choose the Update Drivers and then click on Start Installation.

Now the installation is in progress, just watch that and don’t try to do anything. After the installation gets complete, restart your computer and that’s it.

Congratulations!! you’ve successfully installed the Windows drivers on your computer.

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