Fixing Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working


  1. My computer starts showing Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working on every Windows login?
  2. Explorer or expoler.exe appcrash while working or on startup of my computer?
  3. Need to start explore.exe by run command in task manager manually every time when Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working arrives on the computer’s screen?

These are the type of questions what I’m getting at least once in a week, so I think about to make a tutorial about this topic to help you out from this kind of annoying problem.

Actually, Explorer.exe is a program which your Windows Operating System starts automatically on every windows startup to use your computer in a normal way.

In case, If your Windows Explorer is might little bit in some kind of problem that means its 100% possible that you’re seeing this “Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working” app crash while working on your computer or maybe on your system’s startup.

Explorer is just a program like others and it’s also possible that it’s got corrupted too, and that’s normal because when a virus hits your computer, the first thing it will do to corrupts your windows explorer file to make your computer unusable and abnormal. Most of the times it’s easy to fix this problem, but sometimes this problem won’t go until you reinstall your windows.

So, let’s see how quickly you can fix this problem by following our list of advanced solutions guide which I’m mentioned all below;

#First Thing First

So, if you’re getting this issue in the middle of your running operating system then that’s great because all the solution mentioned in this article is only for the running operating system and in case if you’re getting this problem right after when your windows starts, then the first thing which I want you to do is to start your Windows Explorer manually in ordered to fix your computer.

I know that your Windows Explore isn’t working right now, but you can actually make it work, just for the temporary period and then do the fix quickly. To do that, first, starts your computer in a normal way and when it gets fully opened, you’ll see the error pop up on the screen, now you’ll just need to close that message and in the blank screen you’ll need to press “Ctrl + Alt + Del” key on your keyboard at the same time to open the Windows General Options.

In that menu, select the task manager and when its get opened click on, >> File >> New Task (Run…) >> Type “explorer.exe”, and hit enter just like shown in the picture given below:

In case, if you are having some trouble to open the task manager in your windows then you can also try to open your operating system in safe mode too. This link will help you to do that, >> How to Start Windows in Safe Mode

#Solution No.1 – Deep Virus Scan

90% this problem occurred because of some kind of bad computer virus and the best way to remove all of your computer’s viruses, you’ll need to fully scan your computer with the help of an antivirus software and in case, if you don’t have any antivirus installed in your computer then I highly suggest you to install one, because a single virus file can make thing worst.

Use strong antivirus software that can deeply scan the entire system for all the infections that might be hiding in the system of the PC. A good antivirus and antimalware system is an important necessity for a corrupted system. It will not only help in solving the current problem but will also keep the computer protected for a long term in the future. Some of the famous and highly protective antivirus software are Avast Hitman Pro, Malware bytes, Norton Antivirus and Combo Fix.

I’m using Avast Internet Security for myself and also suggest this to everybody who needs an antivirus for their computer, as according to my experience. If you don’t want to spend your money for some extra features then the Avast Standard version will be definitely going to work perfectly for you, or you can also download the 30 Day Free Trial Product for the testing purpose and uninstall it from your computer if the problem isn’t get solved by installing the avast antivirus.

>> Avast Antivirus Download Link

#Solution No.2 – Windows Fix By Updating Video Drivers

If the video driver is outdated or corrupt, there are very high chances that windows could stop working.

Make sure to download and install the latest video drive to avoid such issues. Update for the latest Windows software because it will automatically replace any problematic drives and also switch your video drivers for the latest one.

It will fix a lot of problems in the system so that there are no errors that cause your system to stop or reset and also protect your system in the near future.

#Solution No.3 – Windows Fix By CMD

If the Deep Virus Scan solution won’t works for you either, then it’s quite possible that your computer’s Windows files got corrupted in a bad way and needs to get repaired. To repair your Windows there is single CMD command what you can use in order to make things back to normal.

“Sfc /Scannow” CMD Command – “Sfc /Scannow” is a system scan command to repair and fix your Windows by the command prompt automatically. It’s the best way to fix your Windows by just using a single command in your command prompt and most of the problem got quickly fixed by just typing it.

To use this command you’ll need to open your Window Command Prompt “as an administrator’” and then type the “Sfc /Scannow” command on it, just like shown in the picture given below.

This scanning usually takes time so have patient with it. During this scan, windows will revamp any missing or corrupted files that the system can find. There might be a chance that there is a prompt on the screen to insert the installation CD. Do this to complete the process and get rid of all the unwanted and corrupt files from the system.

#Solution No.4 – Manually Fix The Windows Registry

Most of the times, all the above-given solutions won’t work because of our Windows Registry Database corruption. Registry database is the key location of our windows where all the operating system’s services or setting get saved, and when some virus starts to infect some PC, first, its starts with the Windows Registry Database.

So, Here’s The Steps What You’ll Need To Follow In Order To Fix Your Windows Registry Manually:

  • To get into your Windows Registry, press the Windows key + RKey on your keyboard to open the Run Command and after that, type the keyword “Regedit” in the blank box and hit Enter.
  • Now get into the suggested path in your Windows Registry Editor by unfolding the registry folders. Here’s the path what you’ll need to follow: “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows”. After when you get into the Windows folder, you screen will look like the picture given below, and in that windows folder if your Load registry looks normal that means the problem isn’t coming from this registry and you’ll need to move to the next step. In case, if your “Load” registry looks abnormal, then now you’ll need to double-click on that Load registry and delete the path written under the value data.

#Solution No.5 – Registry Fix By Professional Software

There are so many of different reasons which happened with your computer who corrupt’s your Windows Registry and those are be like, virus attack, installed spammy software etc. and to fix that we need to repair our windows registry and now as you know, the manual repairing procedure doesn’t work for you and in that condition, you’ll need to use some professional software which can scan and repair all those registries who needs some repairing.

The main purpose of using a registry cleaner software in your computer is that you can’t fix every registry by yourself because I think there are more than 1 million registries are saved in that windows registry editor and a registry cleaner can fix it all in just a couple of minutes.

If you don’t have any registry tuner or cleaner on your computer, then I can only recommend you to use some best in class registry cleaner in your PC to get the perfect performance. According to my experience here are two top best-rated software’s which you can use to make thing back to normal in your computer system:

#Solution No.6 – Restore Or Reinstall Windows 

If you still having this Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working appcrash on your computer even after trying all the solution given above in this tutorial then you still have two options left to try and those are”

  1. Windows Restoration: System restore is a great utility tool made by the Microsoft in their Windows Operating System and with the help of this tool, you can make your computer’s OS back to normal if it gets faulty or corrupted. Click here to know more about >> System Restore – Explained With Uses And Features.
  2. Reinstall Windows:  This link will help you out to do that, Link >> How To Install Windows?


  1. I was searching far and wide online – no dice. Everything worked in Safe mode, so I tried to go to msconfig (type: “msconfig” in Start>Search or Ctrl+Alt+Del>Start Task Manager>File>New Task>type “msconfig”) then under tab “Services” eliminate groups and restart to find it by trial and error, which sometimes works – still no dice. At least for me it turned out tho, the problem came when I connected to the internet. So I used program NetStalker, (its free, and there are a few similar ones) to see the programs using the internet. There I found Explorer.exe, looked the location (which is C:\Windows\explorer) and then went to Control Panel>System and Security>Windows Firewall>Advanced Settings (or if you are blocked from doing anything do the following: Ctrl+Alt+Del>Start Task Manager>File>New Task>type in: “wf.msc”). There under Inbound rules” on the left menu, click “New Rule”. Then go: Program>Next>This Program Path>Browse>Locate “C:\Windows\Explorer”>Next>Block the connection>Next>Next>Finish. Repeat the process for the “Outbound rulles” and your done. 🙂 Hope it helps, I spent a few hours on this one.


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