Using System Restore in Windows 10

Note: Process Is Mostly Same For Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1

System restore is a great tool given by Microsoft in their windows operating system since the windows me came out in the year 2000 and if you recently install or update to the windows 10 then I’ll personally recommend you to turn on this great restore feature in your installed windows.

In Windows 10 Microsoft done some great work in system reset or restoration features and its way better that windows 8 or 8.1 and the great thing about it, system restore gets more accurate and reliable in its use so, you can feel safe for your computer after when you’ve done with creating restore point in your Windows 10 PC.

In this article, I’m only gonna talk about how you can use this system restore feature in your windows 10 and that will definitely gonna helps you to fix your computer OS easily if it’s got corrupted in future.

If you wanna to know more about this system restore thing or maybe want to know this process for other versions of windows then I’ve made an another tutorial for it to clarify all your questions about this system restore feature so, you can open the link given below if you’re more curious about this feature.

What Is System Restore? – Explained With Uses And Features.

There are lots of things what I want you to clarify about this feature so you can take full benefits from it and it’s like how to create a restore point or what to do if our systems operating got corrupted and may more stuff about it. So, here’s list of content below this paragraph which can give you an idea of what you’re going to read about this system restore thing in this article.

Content List

1# – Different ways to open system restore in windows 10

2# – How to turn on this feature?

3# – How to create a restore point?

4# – How to do a system restore in windows 10 to the earlier date or restore point?

5# – How to do restoration when our windows got corrupted or not in working state?

6# – How to use undo feature in system restore?

7# – What to do if system restoration won’t works for you, after trying everything related to this system restore? 

So Let’s See

1# – Different Ways To Open System Restore In Windows 10.

There are so many ways to open this system restore feature on your computer screen and I’ve listed them all those which we use commonly to run this utility tool.

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  • You can open this tool by doing a quick search for “system restore” in your windows 10 start menu and that will show you a program named “Create A Restore Point” as stored in control panel and by simple clicking on it will open this tool immediately.
  • You can also open this tool by opening it from system properties and you’ll just need to open your system properties windows by selecting “system properties” option on windows explorer ribbon and after when the properties opened, click on advance system setting and that will open a new window of system properties and in that window’s “System Protection” tab you’ll find the system restore options to use.
  • You can also open it by typing a simple run command “rstrui.exe” in your windows run.
  • And last you can also open it with using cmd command prompt by typing the same command what we type in windows run as listed above. – rstrui.exe


2# – How to turn on this feature?

This feature stays disable by default which I don’t know why but you can easily turn’s it on by some simple clicks.

So, let’s see how to turned it on –

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  • Open your system properties and click on advance system setting.
  • Click on system protection tab and after that click on Configure by selecting your hard disk’s C: / drive as the main system drive.
  • Choose turn on system protection.
  • After that, set the drive usage to store systems restore point. – {Min 7 GB}
  • Now click on “ok” and that will turn’s on this feature.


3# – How To Create A Restore Point?

Open system protection main tab in system properties windows and click on create. After that, it will ask you to type a name what you want to give it to your restore point.

4# – How to do a system restore in windows 10 to the earlier date or restore point?

Restore your computer to the earlier date or maybe to a previously made restore point is an also easy task to do and if you don’t know about it, this process will make changes to your computer like restoring drivers, software and windows configuration setting from that restore point which is saved by system restore in your computer when you created that restore point.

This process will not delete your personal data like Pictures, videos, mail etc. which you’ve stored in your computers system’s drive like C drive. So, let’s see how to perform a system restore in your window 10 Pc –

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  • Open System Protection tab and click on System Restore to open it.
  • Click on Next.
  • Select the restore point what you’ve want to restore.
  • By clicking on “Scan for affected programs” you can see how many programs can be affected by that restore point.
  • Select the restore point and click on Next.
  • Click on Finish to continue.
  • Click on Yes to continue.
  • After that system restoration gets starts and it will be done in a while.


5# – How to do restoration when our windows got corrupted or not in working state?

If your windows got corrupted and you can’t able to open your desktop then there is a way you can restore your windows to its earliest state only if your computer is having a stored restore point in it what you’ve made in the past. To perform this task you’ll also need a windows 10 installation disk or maybe a USB Recovery Drive, but personally, I’ll recommend windows disc.

Now we’re using a windows disc to boot to the Advanced Startup Options, it’s just like a “Repair Your Computer” boot options what you’ve seen in the previous version of windows. And with the help of that, we can successfully open system restore on our computer’s screen without opening windows 10 desktop on it. So, let’s see how to do it –

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  • Insert your windows disc or a bootable windows USB into your computer.
  • After when the loading completes it will show you a window which will ask you to select languages and keyboard type and then click on “Next”.
  • After that click on “Repair your computer” to start advance troubleshooting option on the screen.
  • Now select Advanced Options and after that click on System Restore to start the system restore window on your screen.


6# – How To Use Undo Feature In System Restore?

This feature will allow you to undo the last restoration process and sometimes you can’t able see this feature after done with restoration because maybe it’s possible this process of undoing last restoration isn’t available.

  • Open your windows System Restore.
  • Select the Undo option.
  • After that follow the On-Screen Options.

7# – What To Do If System Restoration Won’t Works For You, After Trying Everything Related To This System Restore? 

Sometimes the restoration won’t works to make our computer better and sometimes we broke our operating system that bad, even it won’t give us a restoration option by our windows installer disc.

In that case, there are two options you can try to do to fix your computer which I’m listed below –

Reset Your PC– There is another great feature besides the system restore tool in our windows 10 troubleshoot menu and you’ll need to do just like same what I’m listed above in this post where I write about how to restore our PC when our windows got corrupted.

After when you opened this troubleshoot menu by your windows disc and it will show a menu option named reset your PC and with the help of that you can easily fix your computer by just doing some screen follow options.

Reinstall Your OS – If the above option still can’t helpful for you then the reinstallation of your operation system is the last option you’ll only have to do.

So, you can try to install windows on your PC and listed links below will helps you to do that.

>>>>How to Install Windows?


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