Fixing Unmountable Boot Volume – STOP: 0x000000ed

Unmountable_Boot_Volume or you can say STOP: 0x000000ED, both are the same BSOD (blue screen of death) error and as you can see, this error only comes in blue background and the reason why this BSOD Error stuck on your computer or laptop is, because it’s extremely possible that your Computer System’s Solid State Drive or Hard Disk Drive is in some kind of trouble.

Actually, you can see this error on your computer in various different conditions like, it’s possible that this error can occur in the middle of your Windows Installation Setup, or maybe you’re seeing this error in the middle of you Windows startup, and not just that, because sometimes this issue just happen in the middle of our important work, even when we didn’t make any changes in our computer system.

Or I think your computer get too old to get this problem in it;

 photo 42190013297502742_zpsnb1nzkdt.jpgAnd I guess now you do know a lot of information about this error and the thing which I want you to make you clear about is, now at this moment you really don’t have to worry about this error failure because with the help of this article you will definitely going to fix this BSOD Error problem, as soon you completely read and follow all the instructions given in this tutorial guide.

#Troubleshooting Guide

So, just like I said this problem mostly generates because of the bad SSD or HDD Storage Device of your computer, and mainly there are so many of different reasons for your storage device to get corrupted and most of are like, Junk Software’s Installation, Viruses, Overwritten Registry Database and etc.

And if you’re getting this problem while on your Windows startup then there is 70% of possibilities that your computer’s Storage Device Boot Volume got corrupted too, and because of that your system isn’t able to boot the installed Windows from the local drive location of your computer.

 photo stock-illustration-29911568-computer-trouble_zpsenkfs8xv.jpgNow you can see there are so many different reasons for this Unmountable Boot Volume Error to shows up on your computer’s screen and actually, that’s the main reason why I wrote this tutorial, who having every possible solution to solve this BSOD problem, even whatever your situation is.

As far as I know, there are three core main reasons why you are getting this problem in any condition and those reasons are –

  1. Boot Volume Corrupted
  2. Corrupted Files Of Your Windows
  3. HDD Got Faulty

So now, after some paragraphs you will see the whole Step By Step Troubleshooting Procedure what you’ll need to follow to get rid this Unmountable Boot Volume – 0x000000ED Error from your computer and the one main thing which I want to make you clear about before starting anything is that, in between couple of some steps I mentioned some other articles link because I can’t write all those things in a single article and even if I did, you’ll get confused.

So, read every step carefully and open or follow every link what I’ve suggested to make thing back to normal and in case, the suggested link won’t help you either, then you’ll have to come back to this article and need to continue from where you are before.

And there is one more thing, after trying every single step you’ll need to restart your computer or laptop to test it to see the problem is gone or not, because sometimes you can fix your problem by just applying a single step.

Note: If you get this problem while installing the Windows Operating System, then you can directly move to the Step 3 where are talked about fixing this error by making some changes in Bios Setting.

Step 1 – Fixing Corrupted Boot Volume

 photo Hdd-icon-min_zpslql5x0tc.pngFirst of all, this first step of this troubleshooting guide is for those who are getting this problem on their Windows Startup because if your operating system’s boot volume got corrupted, then there is no way you can start your computer normally without fixing it.

If you are having this issue while working on windows then you can feel free to skip this step and move to the next one listed down below.

To fix the corrupted boot volume of your computer, there are two different ways what you can try to make it fixed and the first one, using Startup Repair Utility Tool by taking the help of your Windows installer Setup Disc or USB, and in case when the problem isn’t get fixed by startup repair, then you’ll need to follow the instructions for fixing the boot volume manually by using the Command Prompt.

The first method – This feature is very useful and effective Windows Repairing tool and the main work this feature do is to repair your Windows when something prevents your Windows from starting, or in a normal language, I can say it restore boot volume files when your Operating system is having some problem to boot itself.  You Can Click On This Link To See >> “Startup Repair – What It Is And How To Use It?”

The Second Method – Besides using startup repair tool, there is one more thing what you can try to repair your ruined boot volume and that thing is, repair your hard disk boot volume by using the CMD Commander to type some useful commands in it. You Can Click On This Link To See >> How to Fix Hard Disk Corrupted Boot Volume By CMD?<<

Even if followed both of these methods, sometimes its possibel that this problem still stays. In that case, the only thing what you can do fix your PC is fixing it by reinstalling your Operating System. To do that, you can follow this link to see >> How To Install Windows ? ><<

Or otherwise you can move to the next solution if you’re having this problem in the middle of your running Operating System.

Step 2 – Fixing Corrupted Windows Files

90% this issue starts just because of some corrupted files of your Windows OS, and when that file starts to get in process, you got this error appears on your computer’s screen and yes I know, it happens a lot while doing some important work.

So, to fix this problem, you can check out the Link given below to see the list of full described solutions to repair your Windows Operating System to make it behave normal.

Link >>How To Fix BSOD – Blue Screen Of Death ?<<

You can again continue this tutorial if the problem still exists even after you tried to reinstall your Windows, or maybe you get the same error in the middle of you windows installation too.

Step 3 – Error Fixing By Changing A Bios Setting

Mainly, this step is only for those users who having this problem while installing Windows into their computer or laptop. If you do having this kind of condition on your side too, then this little trick will definitely help you out to solve this Unmountable_Boot_Volume problem from your PC.

  • I can’t say 100% but almost 90% users did found this trick useful and I hope this will also work for you too. And to do that, first, you’ll need to hit the Del or F2 key on the keyboard again and again, right after when you start your computer system. If your computer is Powered ON right now then you’ll need to Turn it OFF and then again Turn it ON to do the Del or F2 key pressing procedure because you can only do that when your computer’s first Black Wallpaper Type Screen appears on the startup.
  • When you successfully get into the BIOS Menu, then now you’ll have to search for the setting called “SATA mode”or “SATA configuration”.
  • After when you find the setting, now you’ll need to change it to “AHCI” Mode.
  • At last, you’ll just have to save the settings and restart your computer and that’s it. After that, try to install your Windows again in your computer and I hope this time you positively install the operating system without getting any BSOD errors.

 photo dq77MK_bios4-min_zpsnun6rmcp.png

If the setting is already in IDE mode then you can also try another mode to fix this error, or otherwise just move on to next step.

Step 4 – Fixing Fault By Troubleshooting Hardware

 photo ID-100134007-min_zpsscviisgt.jpgIf any single solution procedure from above doesn’t works for you, even re-installing windows, then it’s 100% possible that it is a hardware fault and just like I said, this Unmountable Boot Volume error is related to the storage device and now you’ll have to troublshoot all the storage device connected to your computer.

Soemitmes it’s also quite possible that your computer’s BIOS are corrupted too and to troubshoot all those hardware what i’m taking about, there are 4 possible things what you can still try to identify the hardware failure and those are –

  1. Try to full format your Primary Storage Device like HDD or SSD and then install the perfect Operating System on your computer.
  2. Try to replace your HDD’s or SSD’s SATA cable, which is normally connected to the motherboard from your Storage Device.
  3. Use some another HDD or SSD in your computer.
  4. At last, update your Computer’s or Laptop’s BIOS.

If you found your Hard Disk Drive or Solid State Drive faulty then you can check out these articles where I talked about:

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