Fixing Unmountable Boot Volume – STOP: 0x000000ed

Unmountable_Boot_Volume or I say STOP: 0x000000ed both are the same BSOD (blue screen of death) error as you can see on the picture given above this paragraph and this error only occurs when your hard disk might get in problem.

There are so many conditions when you can seeing this error on your computer and those are be like, between windows installation or after updating your windows updates or maybe just getting this error without making any changes on your computer or may be your computer gets too old to get this problem.

So, don’t worry about it now because you’ll gonna fix this problem as soon you completely read this tutorial.

This problem generates because of the corrupted hard disk of yours. There are so many reasons for your Hard disk corruption and most of are junk software’s installation, viruses, overwritten of data.

Also, there are 70% of possibilities that your computer’s hard disk forget their boot volume to boot there installed windows in your computer.

As you see there are so many reasons to get this Unmountable Boot Volume error on your computer screen and that’s why I make this tutorial to solve this error whatever your situation is.

There are three reasons why you getting this problem whatever your condition it is and those reasons are –

  1. Boot volume corrupted
  2. Corrupted files of your windows
  3. HDD got faulty

Below this paragraph you will see your step by step troubleshooting procedure to get rid this Unmountable Boot Volume 0x000000ed error but the one thing I want you to know is to restart your computer after doing every single step, because It’s possible this problem get remove by just doing step 1 or maybe step 2, it’s fully depending upon your computer’s condition.

So, you’ll just need to stick with this tutorial and follow these steps 1 to 4 until you successfully fix your problem.

Note: If you get this problem while installing windows then you directly move to our “Step 3 – Error Fix By changing Bios Setting”. 

Step 1 – Boot Volume Corrupted

If you’re getting this problem at windows startup or maybe while working on windows then you can check out the link below to see a short tutorial about fixing boot volume and come back to continue this tutorial if the problem isn’t solved by this fixing boot volume tutorial.

>>How to Fix Hard Disk Corrupted Boot Volume ?<<

Step 2 – Repairing Windows Registry

The registry is the main target when a virus or malware starts to corrupt your windows and a single Changed value in your windows registry can cause this appcrash.

It’s the second step in this advanced repairing solutions and most of this error gets fixed through repairing your windows corrupted registry. You can try to fix your windows registry by using some registry cleaner and that will fix your problem by just doing some simple steps.

 photo zookware-min_zpsckvx7lsu.png

I’m suggesting SpeedZooka Registry cleaner because most of the clients happy with it and it provide more features than a simple registry cleaner at low-cost price and the best part is if you’re not happy then they have a great policy by providing “60 Day Money Back Guarantee”, pretty good right!!.


Step 3 – Corrupted files of your windows

Sometimes just because of corrupted windows files we got this error every time we normally boot up our computer or maybe while working.

To fix this problem, if it occurs by corrupted windows you can check out the link given below to see the full solution to repair your windows. Continue this tutorial, if the problem still exists even after trying windows re-install.

>>How To Fix BSOD – Blue Screen Of Death ?<<

Step 4 – Error Fix By changing Bios Setting

It’s a little trick to solve this problem almost 90% of all time if Unmountable_Boot_Volume error comes between windows installation.

Beside error between windows installation, if you still got this error then should also try this too because there is a chance you can fix this error by making changes in SATA bios setting.

  1. Open your computer bios setting.
  2. Search for SATA mode or SATA configuration.
  3. Change setting to IDE.
  4. Save settings and Restart your computer.

If the setting is already on IDE mode then you can try another mode too, to fix this error or otherwise move on to next step.

Step 5 – Hardware Fault

If the above single one procedure doesn’t work even re-installing windows, then it’s 100% a hardware fault and Unmountable Boot Volume error is related to a hard disk problem or maybe bios. There are 3 possible things you can try to do and those are-

  1. Replace your HDD Sata or Ide cable.
  2. Full Format your HDD.
  3. Replace your HDD with the new one.
  4. Bios Update.

 Thank you!!!!  I hope you solve your Unmountable Boot Volume problem.

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