Fixing Hard Disk Corrupted Boot Volume

The MBR or I say Master Boot Recode, is the most important bootable data structure created in the OS Drive and that’s the thing which is fully responsible for guiding your system’s BIOS to compile which files to start the windows operating system. The MBR is actually created during the process of windows installation and needs to get repair only when it got corrupted.

When our Windows Operating System is having some problem to start itself then it’s surely possible that you are seeing some kind of interrupted boot error on your computer’s screen or maybe your computer just restart while between in your windows startup and most of the times, corrupted MBR boot volume is the main reason for all the boot related problem.

It’s possible that your MBR got corrupted by some recently installed Software, Viruses or some Windows/Software updates and it’s better to get it repair as soon as possible.

So, Let’s See How To Fix The Corrupted Boot Volume Of Your Computer:

Actually, there are two different ways what you can follow to fix your computer’s Master Boot Record which is:

  • Using Startup Repair Tool
  • Using CMD Command Prompt

But in this article I only wrote about the instruction of fixing hard disk by using some CMD commands because defining startup repair tool procedure is actually very lengthy and the thing is, I actually wrote about the whole process of startup repair in this suggested article >>Startup Repair – What It Is And How To Use It?

You can use the above link if you wanted to fix your PC by using startup repair because it’s really a handy tool and even a kid can fix their PC by using it.

I know most of the times using startup repair tool won’t works, and actually, that the main reason why I wrote this article to mainly decried the second working solution to fix the master boot record manually. To do that, we need to open CMD command prompt in our computer to type some commands in it.

I know you can’t able to open your windows CMD but actually, there are so many different ways what you can follow to run command prompt on your computer’s screen which you see in this article where I talked about >>4 Different Ways to Run CMD on Your Computer<<, but I only want you to use “CMD Run By Windows Disc” or “CMD Run By Hiren’s BootCD” because currently you OS isn’t in running condition and that’s the reason why all other different ways will not going to works for you this time.

After when you successfully opened the CMD on your computer, then now it’s time to repair your PC’s Hard Disk Boot Volume by typing some simple commands in it.

=> Open The Command Prompt & Then Type These Commands One By One What I’m All Listed Down Here:

  • Command 1# – Diskpart
  • Command 2# – List volume
  • Command 3# – Exit

Now you’ll need to find your Windows Drive letter in that list like mine is ’29 GB’ ‘D: drive’ as shown in the example picture and after when you find what your drive letter is, just use that drive letter in the next command which is given below:

  • Command 4# – D:  (Your Windows Drive Letter)  
  • Command 5# – Bootrec /fixmbr
  • Command 6# – Bootrec /fixboot
  • Command 7# – Chkdsk /f /r
  • Command 8# – Y
  • After when the “chkdsk” command gets completed, just restart your computer and I hope your problem is solved.
  • If not, then you can repeat this whole MBR repair process again and use this Bootrec /rebuildbcd” command before “Chkdsk /f /r” like in the given picture below:

In case, if the problem still exists even after trying both methods then the only way to fix this problem is by reinstalling your operating system.

You can follow this link to see >> How To Install Windows?

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  1. When I try use ( D: ) it say: Data error
    and D: is written on Raw not Ntfs, how can I change it???
    tried with CHKDSK D: /F but didnt work (Failed to transfer logged messages to the event log with ststus 50)

  2. I’m at Leaving Disk part but it doesn’t say sources. Its X:\Windows\System32>
    And its just blinking still. I tried entering my drive but said device not ready… not sure what to do. Also it says the 2 partitions RAW and recovery NTFS are healthy but the removable and the DVD ROM No Media with 0 B. I haven’t lost any data have I ? Only some files n photos were backed up. I’ve always been able to reset an recover but I’ve never had unmountable error msg before.

  3. All of these steps didnt work for me so i assumed that i need a fresh installation of windows 7 once again, however whenever i try to insert the installation disk and start the setup my system always hang up on “setup is starting” so is there a way to fix this issue so i can install Windows once again,as i think its because of the unmountable drive error.

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