INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE – STOP: 0x0000007B – Explained With Solutions

The tutorial only works for – Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & Windows 10, and some steps might also work for Windows XP and Vista too because I actually didn’t tested the solutions in any older version of Windows.

INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE or I say STOP: 0x0000007B, both are the same Blue Screen Errors and it only occurs when your computer’s Windows Boot Volume or maybe your whole Operating System got corrupted.

INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE is the name of error code 0x0000007B which is actually a “Blue Screen Of Death Error” and by showing this error on your computer’s screen, your windows is just telling you that it can’t be able to reach to the bootable devices of your computer, like your Hard Disk, but in some cases, it’s possible that your Boot Volume or Hard Disk is just working great but the actual problem is generating through some corrupted files of your Windows Operating System.

So, Let’s See What’s Wrong In Your Computer

Normally there are three possibilities for this error to shows up on our computer’s display and those are:

  1. On Operating System Startup – Yes, most of the times this error occurred right after when you start your computer’s Operating system even whatever version of Windows you are using in it, and after that, it will restart your computer by showing you the blue screen background with this INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE error code on it.
  2. While Working – Sometimes it’s also possible that this error occurred while when we’re working on some software or playing some games on our PC.
  3. While Operating System Installation  Often this error also showed up while installing Windows OS or maybe some other type of OS in your PC.

So let’s see how you can easily fix this problem by just doing some simple troubleshooting steps on your computer, which I’m all listed below under the “Key Solutions” headline.

#Key Solutions To Fix This Problem

First Thing First “UNDO Recent Changes” – Yes, if you recently install some software, hardware or maybe made some changes in your computer’s BIOS then I think now you should need to undo all that tasks whatever you’ve done with your computer because sometimes your computer won’t be able to support some new setting or stuff and starts to create these type of errors and by just following this simple undo thing, it can quickly help you out to fix this 0x0000007B error on your computer.

As now you know, there are so many different reasons and conditions for this 0x7B BSOD Error to show up on your computer’s screen and that’s the reason why I wrote a couple or more different solutions to solve this problem even whatever your computer’s condition is.

So, now you’ll just need to follow all these listed tutorials steps one by one until you’ve fixed your problem on your own, and one more thing, don’t forget to restart and test your computer after applying every single step because a single step can also solve your problem and don’t need to try rest of all.

Note: You can feel free to skip all the solution listed under the unmatched condition;

1# Solution For – Error Occurring While Between Windows Startup

The First Method – This is a great feature provided by the Microsoft to repair your Windows just in under 5 Minutes, and I also have an article what you can follow to see all the steps what you’ll need to know to use this effective Windows Repairing Tool. You Can Click On This Link To See >> “Startup Repair – What It Is And How To Use It?”

The Second Method – if using startup repair tool won’t help you to fix this problem, then there is one more thing what you can try to repair your ruined Windows Boot Volume and that thing is, repair your hard disk boot volume by using the CMD Commander to type some useful commands in it. You Can Click On This Link To See >> How To Fix “Startup Repair Cannot Repair This Computer Automatically” Problem?

In case, none of above method works for you, then the thing what you can do is to install a new Windows OS in your windows and I think that’s is the only option what you left with. And to do that, you can follow this link to see >> How To Install Windows? <<

Or otherwise, you can move to the next solution listed down below, if you’re having this problem in the middle of your running Operating System.

2# Solution For – Error Occurring While Working On Windows

Just like I said above in this article, INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE is a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) Error and if you’re having this problem on the screen while working on your windows then it’s quite possible that some of your windows files got corrupted by some malware programs or maybe a virus can be also responsible too.

In case, Undoing Recent Changes Step won’t works for you, then I think now it’s time where your windows might need to get repaired. Just follow all the listed instructions in given link below and try to fix your problem, you’ll have to try all until you fixed your problem, even if you’ll have to re-install your windows.

Link: >>Steps To Fix BSOD, All Advanced Solution Listed<<

3# Solution For – Error Occurring While Installing Windows

If this 0x0000007B or INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE error comes on your screen while Windows installation then maybe this little trick will solve your problem, by just applying a change in one single setting.

Normally we got this error while installing windows because sometimes our computer isn’t able to recognize the hard drive of our computer in the middle of the windows installation setup, and in that case, you can change your BIOS SATA Setting to boot the hard drive properly.

  • I can’t say 100% but almost 90% users did found this trick useful and I hope this will also work for you too. And to do that, first, you’ll need to hit the Del or F2 key on the keyboard again and again, right after when you start your computer system. If your computer is Powered ON right now then you’ll need to Turn it OFF and then Turn it ON again to do the Del or F2 key pressing procedure because you can only do that when your computer’s first Black Wallpaper Screen appears on the startup display.
  • When you successfully get into the BIOS Menu, then now you’ll have to search for the setting called “SATA mode” or “SATA configuration”.
  • After when you find that setting, now you’ll need to change it to “AHCI” Mode.
  • At last, you’ll just have to save the settings and restart your computer and that’s it. After that, try to install your Windows again in your computer and I hope this time you positively install the operating system without getting any BSOD errors.

If the setting is already in ACHI mode then you can also try another mode to fix this error, or otherwise just move on to next step.

After doing all of these solutions, if you still getting the same blue screen error, again and again, that means maybe your hard disk got broken from inside. In that case, you can also try to change your hard disk SATA cable which is normally connected to the motherboard from your HDD or you can also try to fully format your drive by using some 3rd party software.

Link >> How To Completely Erase And Wipe A Hard Disk Drive?

Or otherwise, you can use some other different Hard disk in your computer and try to install the same windows, just for testing purpose, if the other hard drive is working great then I think now you should need to buy a new hard drive for your computer because I think your hard disk is broke from inside need to replace with the new one.

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