INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE – STOP: 0x0000007B – Explained With Solutions

Tutorial works for – Windows XP to Windows 10

INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE or I say STOP: 0x0000007B both are the same errors and it only occurs when our computer’s windows boot volume or maybe whole operating got corrupted.

INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE is the Name of error code 0x0000007B which is a “blue screen of death error” and it means your operating system can’t be able to reach to the bootable devices of your computer, like the hard disk or maybe a USB bootable device.

Normally there are three possibilities for this error to shows up on our computer’s screen and those are:

 photo stop error 7b possibilities-min_zpsf45dnf6e.jpg

  1. On Operating System Startup – Yeah, most of this error occurred right when you start your computer’s windows and after that, it will restart your system with the blue screen.
  2. While Working – Sometimes it’s also happened while when we’re working on some software or playing games on our computer.
  3. While Operating System Installation – This error also showed up while installing windows XP or may be some other version of windows on your PC.

So let see how you can fix your problem by doing these some troubleshooting tips or tick on your computer, which I’m all listed below under the ‘Solutions’ headline.


First Thing First “UNDO Recent Changes” – Yes, if you recently install some software, hardware or maybe made some changes in your bios then you should probably undo all that tasks whatever you’ve done with your computer because sometimes your computer won’t be able to support some new setting or stuff and creating these type of error and by doing this simple undo solution will work for you to fix 0x0000007B error.

There are so many reasons and also so many conditions for this 0x0000007B error to show up on your computers screen and that’s why there are couple or more different solutions to solve this problem.

So, follow these tutorials steps one by one until you’ve fixed your problem and don’t forget to restart and test your computer after completing every single step because a single step can also solve your problem and don’t need to try rest of all.

Note: If you get this problem while installing windows then you directly move to our “Step 3 – Error Fix By changing Bios Setting”.

Step 1 – HDD Boot Volume Repair

If this error suddenly show’s up on your screen while working on your computer or maybe on computer’s start up then it’s possible your hard disk boot volume got corrupted and it might need to get a repair. Click on the link below and follow every single instruction to fix your HDD boot’s volume configuration.

>>How to Fix Hard Disk Corrupted Boot Volume ?<<
repair 0x0000007B by cmd

Step 2 – Corrupted Windows or Windows Files

As I say above INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE is a BSOD (blue screen of death) and most of this problem come on the screen while working because of some corrupted OS files or maybe a virus can be also responsible for that.

If fixing boot volume won’t works for you then its possible your windows might need to get the repair. Just follow those listed instructions in given link below and try to fix your problem, even if you’ll have to re-install your windows.

>>How To Fix BSOD – Blue Screen Of Death ?<<

repair 0x0000007B by windows update - INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE repair

Step 3 – Error Fix By changing Bios Setting

If this 0x0000007B or INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE error comes on your screen while windows installation or windows boot up then maybe this little trick will solve your problem 80%, by just making a change in one single setting.

We got this error while installing windows because sometimes our computer doesn’t get recognize the hard drive while installing the setup, in that case, you can change your bios setting to boot the hard drive properly.

1. –  The first thing is to do is, open the BIOS Setup or CMOS Setup by pressing the Del or F2 key or you can follow the boot screen because the screen will show you what key you’ll need to press to open the BIOS Setup.

2. – Search for an SATA Mode or Chipset SATA mode in the bios setup. just like sShown in this picture:

fix by bios sata setting

3. – Change the setting to the IDE.

If your previous setting was pre-listed on IDE then you can change it to AHCI or some other options like RAID and after that try to use your computer again and test it properly.

It’s possible you’ll find the SATA setting options name changed a little bit because of the different version of bios, but the thing what I’m trying to say is “Change The SATA Mode” to make it work or you.

Here’s a picture below of some different version of bios where Sata mode is listed as SATA Operation setting and we changed the setting to ATA from ACHI.

 photo sata setting ata from ahci-min_zpsxjspgzbc.jpg

4. – Save and Exit to the bios Setup.

5. – Try to reinstall your windows.

After doing these solutions and you still getting the same blue screen error, again and again, that means maybe your hard disk got broken. In that case, you can try to change your hard disk cable which is connected to the motherboard or you can also try to fully format your drive by using some 3rd party software.

Otherwise, you can use some different Hard disk to test It, if this problem really occurring just because of your previously installed hard drive.

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