IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL – Fixing Solutions

IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, Stop: 0x0000000A, Stop 0A, 0x0000000A or whatever you call, they are the same problem which also known for it’s another or more preferable name “Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).

BSOD is a screen what a Microsoft OS shows when your PC’s in some kind of problem, which can be anything;

And that’s the reason why it shows some particular type of errors code, just to make little easy to understand the problem. Like this IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL mainly occurs when some of your windows kernel-mode process or a driver attempted to ingress in a memory address and it wont able to complete their access.

In a normal language, if you’re getting this BSOD on your computer’s screen then it fully indicates that there is something bad happening in your PC’s Operating System like a Drivers corruption, or maybe some of your Windows files database got corrupted, or it’s a hardware who just get faulty recently.

IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL can occur on any versions of your Windows, whatever you’re using Windows 7 or Windows 10 in your Personal Computer.

The bad thing what I hate about this error is that your computer’s having a problem with some of your Operating System’s file which actually isn’t able to get identified till now;

And just because of that, your BSOD’s screen also isn’t able to show you some of the error details, like which one your OS’s file is creating this problem & what you’ll need to repair. That’s the main reason why you’ll need to put some extra efforts of yours just to troubleshoot and find the root cause of this problem to make the error fix quickly.

Heres the list of those reasons why you are getting this error on your computers screen and those are:

  • Hardware Compatibility
  • Overclocking
  • Driver Corruption
  • Registry Database Corruption
  • Operating System Corruption

Mow you’ll just need to stick with this tutorial and I’ll definitely help you out by showing you the full troubleshooting guide so you can easily get rid of this error from your by just following the simple step by step solutions which I’m all mentioned down in this article.

So, Lets See the Solutions;

I know you’ll guarantee make it fixed, but the one thing which I wanted to let you know first is, you won’t able to fix your problem until you’ve tried everything listed below. So, make sure you do things step by step and if some particular solution won’t work for you, then you can just skip that step and move on to another one.

If you’ll find some suggestion link in between the solutions, then just go for it, because I can’t write everything in a single article and even If I do, you’ll get confused. So, feel free to follow other links.

NOTE: In case, if you’re getting this BSOD Error while on your Windows startup then the first thing you’ll need to do is to start your computer in safe mode to do some repairing stuff in it because most of the solutions listed in this article only work for the running operating system.

If your computer also won’t be able to start in the safe mode too, in that case, you can use Startup Repair Utility Tool which can quick fix that kind of issues.

Here are the links of those articles which can help you a lot to know more about these two terms:

If nothing works, just continue;

Solution #1 – Compatibility

Compatibility is a checkup of your computer’s hardware in which we check that our computer is compatible with a particular type of Software/Hardware or not (what you’ve attached or installed recently).

I’m only suggesting you this because sometimes people bought something new (Software/Hardware) for their computer and then just connect or install it to the system even without knowing that the Software/Hardware is compatible with their computer system or not.

So, if that’s the case with you then, I think now you should need to unplug that new Hardware only just for the testing purpose. Or if you recently installed some new software in your windows operating system, then now you should need to uninstall that too.

Or in case, if you wanted to keep that new software, then you’ll need to make sure that software is fully compatible with your current installed Operating System.

Solution #2 – Remove USB

Sometimes it’s also possible that our computer’s Operating System is getting this issue while installing or operate External USB devices drivers and creating this IRQL_NOT BSOD error on the computer’s screen.

And the simple solution what you can try now is to remove all the connected external USB devices from your desktop or laptop and restart your computer.

After disconnecting everything unnecessary from your computer, now you’ll need to use your computer as in a normal way just for testing purpose and check are you still getting this error or not.

By saying Removing USB, I mean disconnect and remove all of your USB connected devices like Printers Cable, Scanners Cable, Webcams Cable, External Hard Disk Drive Cable etc. besides your USB Mouse and Keyboard (if you PS2 Keyboard & Mouse, then you can try that too).

  • If You Found BSOD Solved – By removing some of your USB devices if this 0x0000000A Error looks disappeared from your computer, then it means that you definitely have some problem with some your USB connected hardware drivers. So, now connect a single USB device into your computer and test your computer for the error, if everything looks good then you can connect the Second USB device into your computer and restart it, you’ll have to do that for every USB device which was connected to your PC, until you’ve found the faulty one. After that, you’ll just need to reinstall the drivers for that particulate hardware and that’s it.

This Link Will Help You Out to Know>> How to Update Drivers Directly from the Device Manager?

  • If You Found BSOD Unsolved – If you still getting this blue dump error on your computer screen then now you just need to move on to our next step because there is a chance that your computer is having some problem in your installed Random Access Memory.

Solution #3 – RAM Test

If this problem still sticks with your computer then the time comes when need to test your computers ram by using the 3rd party memory tester software in your computer, and then replace the memory stick if you found it faulty.

You can also check out my tutorial about RAM Testing and Troubleshooting Method to identify, it’s really your RAM is in good condition or not.

Suggested Link>> Ram Test = How to Test PC Ram Is Working Properly or Not?

Solution #4 – Fixing by Hotfix

In this step, I’m going to provide you some of the links what you can download to fix this problem. These links will help you out to download a file called hotfix which is mainly made by the Microsoft to fix the particular type of Errors in their Windows Operating System. Every Hotfix is different by its capability to fix particular error code or message, but all these listed hotfixes are only related to the error “IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL.

Just download and install the hotfix according to the version of your windows:

Solution #5 – Fragment Disk Fix

Fragmenting disk is literally an important step which should need be done in computer system periodically. Sometimes, when you make your personal computer system to work hard like doing some hardcore internet surfing & downloading, and you noticed that the computer starts to work slowly over the time and doesn’t seem to run as efficiently as it used to be.

If, everyday tasks such as opening files or a program seem to take noticeably longer time for your PC to process, leaving you staring at your idle screen waiting to act and then this blue screen shows up while between in the system’s processing, then I think this Defragmenting your hard disk thing can help you out to fix the problem.

Defragment process includes cleaning bad useless files sector space of the computer system and you can easily clean your hard drive’s bad sector without using any third-party software. You’ll just need to search for the tool named Defragment Disk in your Windows Start Menu to find this preinstalled Windows software in your computer.

Solution #6 – Stop OVERCLOCKING

Overclocking is the action of increasing some hardware component’s clock rate, to make that hardware work at full speed even higher than it was designed by the manufacturer.

And if you do install some software or make some recent changes in your computer’s BIOS to overclock your system’s performance, that I highly recommend you to make everything back to normal or otherwise you’ll be seeing this error when every time your system’s performance get fluctuate.

Solution #7 – Windows Corruption Fix

If all of above solutions don’t work for you then it’s quite possible that your installed windows got corrupted too, because normally 50% of this problem caused by some of the faulty drivers of your computer and mainly you are seeing this error when every time that driver tries to execute itself to run in the process and remains to create this IRQL_NOT Blue Screen Error just because of its corrupted file, registry or database.

There are numbers of other error code like Stop: 0x000000D1 etc. which can show you which drivers file is creating the problem but in this Stop: 0x0000000A your windows don’t know about the file which one isn’t working and that’s the reason why you’ll need to update both types of your computer’s drivers, which are Windows and Hardware Driver.

Now you can follow the given link down below where I wrote about every single advanced solution to fix all the BSOD’s Windows related problem.

Suggested link >> All Advanced Solutions to Fix BSOD

“That’s all for now, thanks for sticking with the article, and you know it will always good to let me know about the article, in the comments down below.” 🙂



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