IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL – Fixing Solutions

IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, Stop: 0x0000000A, stop 0A or 0x0000000A whatever you call it’s a blue screen of death problem and this error code message status shows us, that some kernel-mode process or a driver attempted to ingress in a memory address which won’t able to complete their access.

 photo 42190013297502742_zpsnb1nzkdt.jpgIn a normal language, if you’ve getting this BSOD on your computer which fully indicates that’s there is something bad happening in your PC’s Windows operating system or maybe some hardware too.

IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL can occur in all versions of windows whatever you having Windows Vista, 7, 8 or maybe Windows 10 in your PC.

The bad thing about this error is, your computer’s having a problem with some file which they also aren’t able to identify to show you some status like which one your file is creating this problem like something.

So, you’ll need to find it by yourself who is making this problem.

 photo stock-illustration-29911568-computer-trouble_zpsenkfs8xv.jpg

There are so many reasons for this for this error to came on your screen and those are-

  • Hardware Compatibility
  • Overclocking
  • Registry Corruption
  • Driver Corruption

If you having this problem with your PC and wanna to fix it by your own then just stick with this tutorial and I’m going to show you how you can easily remove this error from your computer by just taking this simple step by step troubleshooting guide.


You’ll guarantee, make it fix but:

I want to let you know, you won’t able to fix it until you’ve tried everything listed below. So, make sure you do things step by step and if some condition won’t apply to you then just skip that step and move on to the another one.

NOTE: If you’ve getting this error on your system’s startup then the first thing you’ll need to start your computer in safe mode to do some repairing stuff in it and if that won’t works, use startup repair.

Solution #1- Hardware Compatibility

Hardware compatibility is a checkup of computer’s hardware, that is, it’s your computer is compatible with a particular type of operating system, software or maybe some another hardware device which typically including many types of peripheral devices.

I’m suggesting this because sometimes we bought something new (hardware) for our computer and then just connect it our system without knowing its compatible with our system or not. So, If you’ve recently connected some new hardware to your pc then, remove it and test your pc because maybe that makes the problem gone.

If you’ve recently installed some new software in your computer then, just uninstall it. Or maybe if you wanna to keep that new software then make sure it’s compatible with your current installed operating system.

Feedback By Loony On 16.Dec.2015

Thanks for help, but sadly I found it’s my old computer motherboard who’s not compatible with the windows 10 🙁

Solution #2- Remove USB

Sometimes our computer’s operating system getting this problem while installing or operate external USB device’s drivers and creating this IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error.

The simple solution what you can try is to remove all external USB devices connected to your desktop’s or laptop’s and restart your PC and after that try to use your computer as in normal way for just likely using it for testing purpose and see did you still getting this error or not.

By ‘Remove USB’ I mean disconnect and remove all your USB connected devices like printer cable, scanner cable, webcam cable, external hard disk drive etc. beside USB mouse and keyboard.

If BSOD Solved – If the 0x0000000A error gone that means you having a problem with your USB connected hardware drivers so, connect one by one USB device to your computer and analyze which one creating this problem. After finding the connect USB hardware which creates this problem, you’ll need to reinstall drivers for that particulate hardware.

If BSOD Unsolved – If you still getting this blue dump then move on to our next step because there is a chance you having a problem in your windows installed drivers.

remove usb to solve 0x0000000a

Solution #3- Registry Corruption Fix

 photo wiseregistrycleaner-icon_zpsxoqqsevn.pngRegistry is the main key for your whole computer performance and due to poor Personal Computer System maintenance you may experience Registry issues and later on lead to various Personal Computer errors including this IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL error.

Sometimes it might quite possible your windows files and registry files also got corrupted because of some corrupted software.

So, whatever the reason is I want you to use a registry cleaner to clean junk registry and repair who need repairing.

If you don’t have any registry tuner or cleaner in your computer, then install a world’s best cleaner in your PC to get the perfect performance. Here are two top rated software’s what I recommend to all my websites users as listed below.

1st Best – SpeedZooka Registry Cleaner

2nd Best – CCleaner Professional

After downloading, start’s your registry tuner and click on the scan button which will automatically start the scan and shows you every little problem what it found in your computer.

After that just click on FIX PROBLEM to repair everything that shows you.

 photo zookware-min_zpsckvx7lsu.png

Feedback By AustinDS On 24.Dec.2015

HahaHA.  My mother called me with this error on my dad’s laptop. So, I make a search on Google for this error and found this page. Having not understood most of what I saw, I scrolled the whole way through. Then I saw this one. I figured hey – I’m having a registry cleaner in my computer and know how to do that. We’ll give it a shot. Now my PC is fixed! Thank you Desk Roosta 🙂

Solution #3- Drivers Corruption Fix

 photo update-drivers-1.jpg_zpsuynwfdag.gifIf the above solution doesn’t work for you then it’s possible your installed drivers got corrupted because normally this problem caused 50% by some faulty drivers and you can only be seeing this error whenever that driver tries to execute itself to run in the process and creating this 0x0000000A error because of its corrupted file, registry or database.

There are numbers of other error code like Stop: D1 which can show you which drivers file is creating the problem but in this stop: 0A your windows doesn’t know about which one is won’t working correctly and that’s why we need to update both windows and hardware driver in order to repair our computer drivers.

If you don’t know – There are two types of drivers installed in your computer, first window based and second is hardware based and it’s hard to find which is creating the problem and showing this stop: 0A error.

windows update to solve bsod

Click on given link below and just try to do the solutions what I’m listed in that link from Step 1 to 4 order to fix your blue screen error problem because in that link I’m listed every detail about fixing some BSOD and as I say IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL is a BSOD too.

Just Try Only From 1 To 4 :

>>How To Fix BSOD – Blue Screen Of Death ?<<

Don’t reinstall your windows just come back to this article, if problem not solves by those steps.  

95% of this IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL problem solved by doing the solution given in the above link, but If the problem still exists then there is 4% of a chance your RAM got faulty and also 1% of chance for other hardware fault issue too.

Feedback by Martha on 21.Feb.2016

NOW. I understand that the drivers of Graphics and Juniper are causing the problems.

Solution #4- RAM Test

 photo memory_zps7rtk4xrw.png
If this problem still sticks with your computer then it’s time to test your ram by a memory test program and replace it if you’ve find your ram got faulty. You can also check out another tutorial listed below for ram test and troubleshooting method to identify your ram is in good condition or not.

>>Ram Test = How to Test PC Ram Is Working Properly or Not ?<<

Solution #5- Fixing By Hotfix

 photo MicrosoftFIX_IT_zpsoqz3jnck.pngIn this step, I’m gonna provide you some link to download the hotfix which is mainly made by Microsoft to fix particular type of errors.

Every Hotfix are different by the different error code or message:

Just download the hotfix according to your windows version –

Solution #6- Fragment Disk fix

 photo Clean-Up-Junk-Files-Hard-Drive-on-Windows-8-With-JFRemover_zpseyzzu619.jpgFragment disk is literally important step which should be done with computer system periodically. Sometimes, Your Personal Computer system has started working very hard and slowed down and does not seem to run as efficiently as it used to be.

If, everyday tasks such as opening files or a program seem to take noticeably longer time for your PC to process, leaving you staring at your idle screen waiting to act or maybe the blue screen then the DeFragmenting the disk can help.

Defragment process clean bad useless files sector space of the computer system and you can easily clean bad sector without using any third party software. You can simply select “Defragment Disk” option in your Windows.

Solution #7- Stop OVERCLOCKING

 photo logo_oc_zpsddm5ihzq.pngOverclocking is the action of increasing a component’s clock rate, running it at a higher speed than it was designed to run. And if you do installed some software or make some recent changes in your computer’s bios to overclock your system performance that I highly recommend you to make it back to normal or otherwise you’ll seeing this error every time when your system performance fluctuate.

Solution #8- Reinstall your OS

Reinstalling your operating system is the last thing you can try if any of these solution won’t works for you.

Feedback By Jack12 On 19.Jan2016

Finally the best fix I found after trying everything is may be a clean installation of Windows 10 in my computer. So, I just download the media creation tool to create new USB or DVD installation media for Windows 10, boot it and use to perform a “Custom” installation without loss of data. And TAA DAA problem Fixed!! But thanks for help.

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