“SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED” and “0X0000007E” both are the same BSOD (Blue screen of death) errors and that indicates there is a system thread generated an exception that the error handler did not catch in your windows operating system.

 photo 42190013297502742_zpsnb1nzkdt.jpgIn a normal language, if you’re seeing this error continuously on your screen that means your computer system might in some kind of windows and hardware problem. I know its feel really annoying when you get this error in the middle of your work or may be on your systems startup.

The bad thing about this error is your computer doesn’t know which part or software of your PC is creating this problem and that’s why we need to troubleshoot this BSOD by the conditions what people is normally facing. Normally this error caused by different types of reasons what I’m all listed below and because of that you’ll need to try different solution in order to fix your computer.

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  • Boot Volume Problem (Hard disk problem)
  • Drivers Corruption
  • Windows Problem
  • BIOS Corruption


Now as you know there are some different types of solutions you’ll need to perform on your computer to fix it so, just stick with this tutorial and follow everything what I’m suggested below to repair your PC completely by performing step by step troubleshooting method.

So, let’s categorize this solution into three parts according to different conditions –

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  1. On Windows Startup– Most of the times this error came right on your screen when you start your windows and it will freeze your computer or maybe get your computer in the restart loop.
  2. While Working orAfter Startup – Sometimes it shows while we are working on our computer like, in middle of using some software or playing games and sometimes it shows after when our windows opens up completely.
  3. While Windows Installation – It’s also possible you can seeing this error while installing windows operating system in your computer.

In this article I’m only gonna cover first two conditions properly because if you having the third one “getting error While Windows Installation” then it’s your hard disk problem or maybe that version of windows isn’t compatible with your computer.

Note: You can skip the whole condition number 1 and move to next if you having the second one.

Condition No#1 – Fixing Startup Error

Getting this error on system startup (on windows starting logo) indicates that there is sometimes problem in your hard disk boot volume or maybe drivers. I can’t blame on a single one so, you’ll need to try both to fix this problem.

Click to see - How to repair boot volume

When this 0x0000007e error caused by your computer’s or laptop’s HDD that doesn’t mean your Hard disk is dead or broken, its only indicates that it needs some minor repair.

It’s possible your boot volume got corrupted by some recently installed Software, Viruses or Windows/Software updates and it’s better to get it repair as soon as possible.

So, we only need cmd command prompt to repair our hard disk boot volume by just typing some command in it.

Try this linked article to know 4 Different Ways to Run Cmd on Your Computer? Even your windows isn’t running.

Command 1# – Diskpart

Command 2# – List volume

Command 3# – Exit

You’ll need to find your windows drive letter in that list, like mine is 29 GB D: drive.

Now you know what is your drive letter is, so just enter your drive letter in the command prompt and repeat the following command given below.

Command 4# – D:  (Your Windows Drive Letter)  

Command 5# – Bootrec /fixmbr

Command 6# – Bootrec /fixboot

Command 7# – Chkdsk  /f    (Try chkdsk /f /r If “Chkdsk /f” command Wont Works)

Command 8# – Y

When the “chkdsk” process completes, restart your computer system and I hope your problem is solved. If not move to the next step.

If repairing boot volume isn’t beneficially for you than its definitely your windows drivers problem and in that condition I what you to try to open your computer in the safe mode and continue with the second condition listed below because it will helps you to fully analyze and repair the problem.

If you cant able to open your computer in safe mode either then you’ll need to use startup repair utiltiy tool to fix this isuue.

Click here to see : >>

Condition No#2 – Fixing Error While Working or After Startup

Normally this “SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED” Error caused by the corrupted drivers of your computer or maybe sometimes by another connected external devices like printer or scanner.

If you have an external device connected to your computer then you should unplug it and after that test your computer by using it. If the problem is gone by removing external device to your computer then the problem is 100% coming from the corrupted drivers for that particular hardware or if the problem is still remains then you should continue this article and troubleshoot to know which is creating the problem.


Now the first thing a want to do is analyzing your blue screen error and that clarify you, which drivers is causing this problem. Mainly we’ll only need to find the driver’s name which is most of the time listed on the right side after that SYSTEM_THREAD… error name.

The drivers file name which creating problem is be like xxx.sys or xyz.sys whatever it called that has .sys extension at the end of that drivers name. After finding the name it’s going to be easy to download that corrupted driver.

If your error only shows you the main error name without any .sys file after it, then skip this “#ANALYZING THE ERROR” step and move on to next step #Repairing drivers because now you’ll have to download and update all of your drivers in order to fix this problem.

 photo system-thread-exception-not-handled-screenshot-error-fix-min_zpstugl5dwb.jpg

The next thing you’ll need to do after finding the drivers file name in your blue screen error is to find that driver file on the drivers directory to get the full information about that particular drivers like, finding their full name, what is that drivers etc.

Here’s a great website I’m listed below where you can easily find your driver’s name by searching the .sys drivers file name in it. So open the link given below and search for your driver’s name.

Drivers Directory ->

For example I’m taking my corrupted drivers name is “atikmdag.sys” and when I search searching it on that website, it shows me the full description about my drivers file which is creating problem as you can see below.

 photo drivers analyzing-min_zpsqlr7tght.png

So, it’s my display drivers who are creating the problem as you can see in the information column:

#Repairing drivers

So, now we need to repair our drivers and if you knows your drivers name by the blue screen analyzing trick that’s great and if you don’t know which one your drivers is creating problem then don’t worry about it I covered both of that conditions.

Note: We need an opened operating system in order to repair drivers, if your computer won’t able to start normally or maybe this error showing after 10 or 15 seconds of your windows start then I highly recommend you to open your windows in safe mode. If your windows working properly and this error shows in middle of something then you can continue without opening your computer in safe mode.

Click To See The Instruction - If You Know Your Drivers Name

It’s good to know your faulty drivers name because that’s gonna help you to quickly fix your problem. So, now I want you to uninstall that particular driver from the device manager of your windows and after that install back the latest version.

To uninstall drivers you’ll need to open the device manager by using “Windows + R” hotkeys to open the Run dialog box and after that type the command “devmgmt.msc” and click OK.

 photo run command_zpsqukv4tpv.png

When it’s get open, search for your driver who’s corrupted and listed under their related category. I means if you’ve found your display driver is corrupted through analyzing then you’ll need to uninstall your display’s driver which you can find under the display adapters category or maybe if you’ve found your network drivers got corrupted like LAN or Wi-Fi drivers then you’ll need to uninstall your network driver which you can find under the Network adapters category as you can see in the example picture below.

 photo drivers in device manager-min_zpsmo5h4ewi.png

To uninstall that drivers, you’ll just need to expand that driver’s category and once it gets expanded, right-click on the driver name and click on uninstall drivers.

 photo uninstall drivers_zpswmlr6mcy.png

Restart your computer after drivers uninstalling and after that download the latest version of that driver and install it properly.

How To Find And Download Drivers Online?

Click To See The Instruction - If You Don’t Know Your Driver’s Name

If your error won’t shows any drivers file name then you can try to fix this error by uninstalling the display’s drivers first and if that won’t work’s also you’ll need to update all of your system’s drivers.

So, to uninstall your display’s driver, you’ll need to open the device manager by using “Windows + R” hotkeys to open the Run dialog box and after that type the command “devmgmt.msc” and click OK.

 photo run command_zpsqukv4tpv.png

When it’s get open, search for your display’s driver which is listed under their related category. To uninstall that driver, you’ll just need to expand that display adaptor drivers category and once it get expanded, right-click on the driver name and click on uninstall drivers.

 photo uninstall drivers_zpswmlr6mcy.png

If uninstalling videos or I say display’s drivers wont works for you then you’ll need to update all of your system’s drivers without uninstalling any single one from the device manager.

Note: Don’t uninstall any other driver from the device manger beside the graphic one. And also install the latest graphic drivers for your computer after uninstalling the old once.

How To Find And Download Drivers Online?

Condition No#3 – More Fix, If Error Still Remains

If the problem still remains then there are couple or more thing you can sill try to fix your problem as I all suggested below.

#Fixing By Repairing Registry Corruption

Registry is the main key for your whole computer performance and due to poor Personal Computer System maintenance you may experience Registry issues and later on lead to various Personal Computer errors including this SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED error.

Sometimes it might quite possible your windows files and registry files also got corrupted because of some corrupted software.

So, whatever the reason is I want you use registry cleaner to clean junk registry and repair who need repairing.

If you don’t have any registry tuner or cleaner in your computer, then install world’s best cleaner in your PC to get the perfect performance. Here are two top rated software’s what I recommend to all my websites users as listed below.

1st Best – SpeedZooka Registry Cleaner

2nd Best – CCleaner Professional

After downloading Start’s your registry tuner and click on scan button which will automatically starts to scan your computer and shows you every little problem what it found in your pc.

After that just click on FIX PROBLEM to repair everything what it shows you.

 photo zookware-min_zpsckvx7lsu.png

#Fixing By Hotfix Only For Windows 7 Or Server 2008

 photo MicrosoftFIX_IT_zpsoqz3jnck.pngIf you are using windows 7 or windows server 2008 R2 then maybe this little Microsoft update can fix your problem completely. Download Link is given below you can download it from Microsoft link by entering your mail address into it and after that Microsoft will send you the download file on your Mail-Id. After when you download the file you’ll just need to extract it, install it, restart your pc and that’s it.

> Click Here To Download Microsoft Hotfix Update << 

#Fixing By Repairing Your Windows

If your problem isn’t solved by any suggested above solutions then it’s possible your windows might got corrupted and it need to get repair. To repair your windows just follow the given link below and it will help you to fix your windows. In that link if the given 1 to 4 steps wont works for you then the only option you have left beside formatting is to restore your computer to the earlier time so, try to follow those given steps and return back if the problem still remains.

>> How To Fix BSOD – Blue Screen Of Death ? <<

#Update Your Computer’s Bios

99% the above link will fix your problem but there is little bit of chance that the problem might stick with your computer in that case I suggest you to update your bios and that’s the only last thing you can do with your computer.

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