Element Not Found – Explorer.exe Error Solutions

Explorer error with the message saying something like “Element not found” or maybe showing some other error which says “The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation” on a small popup where every time you’ve trying to open your windows apps store or maybe some other windows own preinstalled programs, is a windows related problem and not just that, there are also couple or more different reasons behind this error to came up on your computers’ screen.

Mostly this error appears on Windows 10 computer and a lot of users having this problem just right after when they install or upgrade their system’s Operating System to Windows 10. So, it’s possible you newly install a Windows 10 and just after a system restarts, your computer starts to having this issue with your Windows preinstalled programs.

Just like I said it’s an explorer.exe error and explorer.exe is a problem which mainly helps your Operating System to execute the programs and applications and shows the user a great graphical user interface to explore their Windows Features and Local Drives. Just because of this explorer problem, there are lots of different system programs get affected like Windows “Internet Explorer” or system’s “Setting” won’t able to get open and a lot more programs which do get problematic.

Here’s the list of reasons which makes your computer to occurring this error:

  • Unsupported Programs
  • Drivers Problem
  • Windows Files Got Corrupted

So, I have written all the solution listed down below and you’ll just have to try all the solutions one by one until you’ve fixed your computer.

Solution No. 1 – Fixing Unsupported Programs Problem

Most of the times just because of some unsupported software, our computer starts to do creating this issue and believe it or not but you can quickly fix this problem by just deleting or uninstalling those unsupported Software/Programs which is installed in your computers.

It’s hard to say which program is supported or which one is unsupported and that’s the thing which makes this solution little bit complicated and because of that, you’ll have to uninstall every program what you didn’t use in your computer.

So, the best way to find those unusable softwares, you’ll have to open your windows Program and Features option from the Control Panel and uninstall those softwares what you did use while working or using your computer.

To quickly open your Windows Program and Features option you’ll have to open the run commander first by pressing the Windows and R key at the same time on your keyboard and after when the run commander gets opened, then just type the “appwiz.cpl” keyword in the blank field and press enter.

In the Program and Features window, just select the programs and uninstall that what you’ve didn’t use or didn’t remember when you installed it. I highly suggest you to uninstall extensions, extra drivers program or extra fake software just like the picture given below.

#Extra Fix Only For Lenovo Laptop Users

Yes, this fix is only for Lenovo users because Lenovo users only having this program in their computer and if you are using some other company laptop or desktop then you can’t use this software in your computer’s system because it isn’t supported for other laptops.

The program what I’m talking about is “Lenovo OneKey Theater” software, which mainly controls your OneKey theater button who found on the upper body of your Lenovo laptop. So, now the thing is, you’ll have to uninstall that software from your computer and that’s it. 

By uninstalling this feature it only gonna disabled the picture touch button and the other button like Mute, volume, and fan speed buttons will still work.

If that uninstalling software thing isn’t working for you then there’s one more thing what you can still do to find it is really some programs fault or maybe just some other issue who’s responsible for this “element not found” problem.

Now, I want you to open your windows run commander again by pressing Windows +R key, and type “msconfig” in it and then press enter. After that, it will open your system configuration popup and in that popup, you’ll need to click on the “Services” tab.

After that, tick the “Hide all Microsoft services” option on the left below corner and then click on “Disable all” option on the right below the corner and in the end, click on “OK” to save the configuration setting.

Now restart your computer to see the changes:

If none of the thing from above works for you then move to the next solution:

Solution No. 2 – Fixing Drivers Problem

Drivers is the second common problem what does makes your system to start occurring this explorer error and the worst part is, Windows 10 user having this “element not found” issue 90% just because of faulty or unsupported drivers. So, now you’ll have to check or update drivers who need an upgradation.

Mainly display drivers in the one who makes your computer unusable at this time, but I can’t say video drivers is the only one who is responsible for this problem and that’s why I want you to troubleshoot all the system drivers but thing is, start troubleshooting the video drivers first.

So, let’s check the video drivers first;

To check your computer’s display drivers, you’ll have to open your Windows Device Manager where you easily see all the installed driver in your computer and to open it, again press Windows + R key and type “devmgmt.msc” in the run commander and then press enter.

When the Device Manager opens up, just unfold the Display Adaptor option and try to do the given solution listed below according to your driver’s condition.

Condition No. 1: Installed “Microsoft Basic Display Adaptor” – If your computer is having Microsoft Basic Display Adaptor drivers installed in it, like the picture given below, then it means you’ll have to update your display hardware drivers because your windows don’t have any.

Condition No. 2: Installed “Correct Display Adaptor Driver” – If your computer is having properly installed display drivers just like the picture given below then I want you to uninstall that driver and restart your computer. If that solves your problem, then it’s the driver who’s making the problem and don’t worry about the uninstalling driver because it won’t broke your computer and it will just install it back after the restart.

If installing drive won’t works you either then download the latest video drivers for your computer and make sure to do download and install drivers according to the version of your Windows because you can’t use Windows 7 drivers in Windows 10.

Condition No. 3 Installed Two Video Adaptor DriversIf your computer having two display drivers installed in it like the picture given below then I want you to uninstall the one who named as ‘Intel’ like something and after that restarts your to computer to see the changes.

If this video driver installing or uninstalling thing won’t works for you then its possible some of your system drivers is not working good and in that condition you can try to update all your system’s drivers and again, make sure you do install the supported drivers.

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Solution No. 3 – Fixing Windows Files Got Corrupted Problem

Sometimes it’s possible that our Windows got corrupted and making this kind of problem while using our Windows App Store or Windows Preinstalled Programs.

And to fix it there are couple of things what still you can do to make thing back to normal and those things are:

  1. Use SFC Scan Command In Cmd – SFC Scan is a great command run by CMD which can repair your windows by just typing a single command in your Windows Command Prompt. You’ll just only have to type the command on CMD and sit back until the scan completes and it will repair most of your windows file.
  • Open the CMD as an administrator.
  • Type the command “Sfc /Scannow” and hit enter.

Note: Doesn’t close this CMD window until the verification gets 100% complete.

  • Restart your computer and test it, if the problem has gone, that’s good, if don’t, then move to the next solution.
  1. Use Windows Update – Windows update is also a great way to fix your windows problem because this windows inbuilt tool will scan your computer and update all your windows corrupted drivers and also update with the latest ones. So, it’s better to use it even it takes your internet or time.

#Special Fix For Edge Browsers If Problem Still Stays

This is the last troubleshooting step what can do if your “Internet Explorer Edge” still having this problem and most the time this will work 95% and if it won’t, then it’s not yours browsers fault it’s only just a corrupted files of your windows operating system.

In this step, we gonna reset our Internet Explorer and that will make it back to normal. So, now go to the advanced tab in the Internet Properties window and click on the reset button to make it happen.

To open internet properties use run command “inetcpl.cpl”.

#Suggestion For Windows Default Apps, If Problem Still Stays

If your windows default apps still getting this problem even after trying everything then the only thing what you can still do to use your computer in a normal way, is to use an alternative app or software, like you use Windows Media Player instead using Groove Player or you can use Picasa as a Photo Viewer.



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