PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA – 0x00000050 Fixing Solutions

PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA, 0x00000050, Stop: 0x00000050 or 0x50 whatever the errors says it’s all are “Blue Screen Of Death” error and normally caused by a recently made changes on your computer, like new hardware or drivers installation or maybe sometimes by a corrupted windows of your computer. So, let’s see what did happened to your computer or laptop.

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In A Normal Language – This particular error would usually occur, when your PC required data which they cannot locate in the Ram memory and that’s why your system starts to creating some faults and then showing you this blue screen on your computer’s screen.

If this error is appearing while the system is starting up, that means a recent change in your system’s service could have caused the problem.

{Click For Expand} To See What is the Non-Paged Area?

There are many different components contains in your personal computer system that are used for storing data include your hard drive and random access memory (RAM).

One of the main and major differences between a hard drive and RAM is the duration of storage. RAM is the dynamic, short-term storage, that only remembers it’s contents while the computer is on and running. This is opposed to permanent hard drive storage, which stores data even the computer is off.

RAM is much faster to read than a hard disk drive (HDD) storage and contains the information required for the computer to process its current active task.

When there is too much data to be held in the RAM or data that’s not actively in use, is stored temporarily in the page file, a location on the hard drive that the computer uses as additional RAM storage.

The Non-Paged area is an area of memory that contains data which is critical for the running of the system. This data is always required, so instead of swapping the data back and forth between the RAM and the page file, the data is kept constantly in the RAM, in the non-paged area. Essentially in this area the data should not be moved from RAM to the page file.

As per Microsoft, this error can be caused by faulty hardware (RAM, hard drive), anti-virus software, a corrupted NTFS volume or bad drivers. Sometimes bad memory (RAM) is the main source of this error’s reason but faulty RAM is just one of the reasons of PAGE FAULT IN NON-PAGED AREA and there are many more reasons which are mentioned below.

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There are five possible reasons what I’ve found why your computer is showing you this type of blue screen error and those are –

  1. Recently Installed Usb Or Hardware
  2. Recently installed or updated drivers
  3. Recently updated windows
  4. Windows got corrupted
  5. Ram got faulty

So, there are numbers of possible reasons as you can see above and just like those reasons there are also numbers of possible solution you’ll need to try in order to fix your problem because the problem is caused by multiple reasons and it’s for sure this problem isn’t solve until you’ll completes this troubleshooting guide given below.

Troubleshooting Guide

So, let’s start with:

#Recently Installed USB Or Hardware (Must read also if you don’t installed any)

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If you recently attached any USB or hardware like printer, scanner, Hard disk or whatever you’ve attached recently, just remove or disconnect it ‘cos maybe it’s possible that hardware is creating some kind a problem with your computer’s windows and showing you this 0x00000050 error on your computer’s screen.

If you don’t connect anything previously then maybe you’ll need to disconnect everything which are connected to your computers beside keyboard and mouse.

Actually What I’m trying to say is, just connect only “Keyboard or Mouse Cable”, “VGA Display Cable” & “Computer Power Cable” and beside that, remove all the connected cables which are attached to your computer’s back panel.

After that it’s time to test your computer ‘cos sometimes this small thing can solve this error and if it does, then reconnect those cables one by one and test your computer every time when you attaches a single cables to your computer and do this with every connections until you’ll find that faulty hardware.

If this won’t works for you than its possible your windows drivers might in problem and not performing as well it does.

#DISK CLEANUP Needed Sometimes.

 photo Clean-Up-Junk-Files-Hard-Drive-on-Windows-8-With-JFRemover_zpseyzzu619.jpg

Sometimes, computer system has starts to working slow after several months of usage, due to temporary useless files get stored unnecessarily during surfing on internet or regular use of computer system.

Well few minor changes will surely help to enhance the system performance and if the settings are incorrect then even the fast computer will perform badly.

To open disk cleanup:

In Windows 7 – Open Disk Cleanup by clicking the Start button , clicking All Programs, clicking Accessories, clicking System Tools, and then clicking Disk Cleanup.

In Windows 8/8.1/10 – Search for Disk cleanup from the taskbar and select it from the list of results.

And when it get opened, only do a cleanup for your windows drive which is normally listed c:/ drive.

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#Recently Installed Computer’s Driver Or Windows Updates (Must read also if you don’t installed any) 

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If you recently installed or updated any software or maybe your windows does updated automatically then it’s possible this problem is coming from a corrupted drivers or maybe windows of yours computer.

To fix a windows or a hardware drivers you’ll need to do some work with your computer by scanning your computer with viruses and after that clean and repair your computers registry files in order to make it work normally and so on.

Now you’ll just need to open the given link below and follow all the given steps in that tutorial until you’ve fix your problem.

Note: If your computer won’t able to boots up or start up normally then you should directly move on to solution “Step 5” in the given link below but don’t try reinstallation of your windows.

Note 2: If your computer works normally for a while and then this “PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA” error comes on your computers screen even after trying step 1 to step 5 by the given link below then i suggest you to try the next step ‘error fix by hotfix’ step in this tutorial before you move on to windows reinstallation process.

LINK >>How To Fix BSOD – Blue Screen Of Death ?<<<

#Error Fix By Registry Cleaner

Registry is the main key for your whole computer performance and due to poor Personal Computer System maintenance you may experience Registry issues and later on lead to various Personal Computer errors including this PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA error.

Sometimes it might quite possible your windows files and registry files also got corrupted because of some corrupted software.

So, whatever the reason is I want you use registry cleaner to clean junk registry and repair who need repairing.

If you don’t have any registry tuner or cleaner in your computer, then install world’s best cleaner in your PC to get the perfect performance. Here are two top rated software’s what I recommend to all my websites users as listed below.

1st Best – SpeedZooka Registry Cleaner

2nd Best – CCleaner Professional

After downloading Start’s your registry tuner and click on scan button which will automatically starts to scan your computer and shows you every little problem what it found in your pc.

After that just click on FIX PROBLEM to repair everything what it shows you.

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#Error Fix By Hotfix (Recommended before windows installation)

 photo microsoft_fix_it_small_zpsryito9m5.pngActually hotfix is a program made by Microsoft to repair a windows operating systems errors or a blue screen on a Microsoft’s windows computer. Mostly those programs are categorized by version of windows and you’ll only need to download that hotfix according to your version of windows.

Installing hotfix is the fifth option you can try to fix your computer and its possible this hotfix wont works for you either but you can still tries this because after that the only option you have is to troubleshoot your computer ram.

#Ram Test If Problem Still Exist –

 photo memory_zps7rtk4xrw.pngIf you still suffering from this problem after doing all repairing stuffs for your windows then it’s possible your computers ram might got faulty and if that’s happening with your computer then the first thing you’ll need to do is to test your PC’s ram to find out does the ram is the reasons for this error to came up on the screen or maybe it just another hardware fault.

There are two ways to troubleshoot your ram and those are

#1- Ram Troubleshooting By Checking Hardware 

  • Turn off your PC and remove the side panel of your CPU’s cabinet.
  • Inside of cabinet— Once you push aside the mass of cables—you will find the RAM affixed to the motherboard’ slots. The RAM chips generally sit next to each other in parallel slots on the motherboard. Little plastic clips sit in small grooves on the sides, keeping the chips fixed in place.
  • Likely, your PC has more than one stick of RAM. To establish which chip is causing the problem, simply remove the clips on either side of one of the sticks, and then pull it out. Try loading up the computer again. If the problem still exists, put the chip back, and remove a different stick of RAM.

You can also try to clean it, maybe this article can help>> How to Clean a Ram Stick ?

#2- Ram Troubleshooting By Software’s

There are so many ways to check our ram is working properly or not by just using some software or our windows features. Given link below will helps you test your ram professionally.

>Ram Test = How to Test PC Ram Is Working Properly or Not ?

 photo ram-test-failed_zpsuunxw0p2.jpg

@LAST SOLUTION – Change Virtual Memory Settings

 photo wiseregistrycleaner-icon_zpsxoqqsevn.pngNote: If you receive any type of warnings from your computer system that your virtual memory is low, then you’ll surely need to increase or resize the minimum size of your paging file.

Windows sets the initial minimum size of the paging file equal to the amount of random access memory (RAM) installed on your computer, and the maximum size equal to three times the amount of RAM installed on your computer. If you see warnings at these recommended levels, then increase the minimum and maximum sizes.

Virtual Memory Settings:

Virtual memory is your computer’s hard drive’s space which is used by your windows to fills up the physical RAM to increase performance. Virtual memory actually helps your personal computer to execute programs and action as quickly as possible when you computer is running low on Random- Access- Memory (RAM).

Virtual memory combines your RAM memory with your hard disk drive space.  Random- Access-Memory (RAM) and Hard Disk Drive (HDD) work together to decrease the issue of RAM and helps to speed up your system to work efficiently.

 photo virtual_memory-sm_zpsqfvwdpqg.png

Here’s the step to change the virtual memory settings to make this error gone:

  1. Open “Control Panel” and click on “System and Security” and then Click on “System” to open system properties. Or you can directly press CTRL + “Pause Break” from your Windows desktop page to open that.
  2. On the system’s properties window, Select “Advanced system settings” option.
  3. You will see a Windows pop-up on your screen named “System Properties”.
  4. Click on “Advanced” tab.
  5. Now Click on “Performance’s setting” button.
  6. Then Click on “Advanced” tab.
  7. Select Virtual memory’s “change” option.
  8. Finally, uncheck “Automatically manage paging file size for all drivers” and click on “OK”.

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